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Monday, August 01, 2005

An unusual book, to say the least!

Tonight, I went through my photo albums and boxes of photos that aren't in albums - do you have those? I ran out of time to put photos in albums around 1992. How do I know? I write dates and subjects on the envelopes that the photos and negs. come in, and there are two boxes full of envelopes dating from 1992 onwards. But I am going off the topic - right off, in fact! The reason I was fossicking through the photos was to find some of our pets and native wildlife to post on this blog. I found some, so I will be busy scanning tomorrow and will be able to do what I promised in my first post here.

In the meantime, I decided to write about a book I bought recently. I have never read a Harry Potter book, nor seen a Harry Potter film. I can feel the vibes of shock and horror coming across cyberspace as some of you read that! Well, I don't apologise for it - not having any kids, I'm not exposed to kids books and films like most others of my age, so they hold no particular interest for me. Oh yes, I have been told (and told, and TOLD) that you don't have to be a kid to appreciate Harry P, but there are so many other books that hold more immediate appeal to me, that I have no desire to read HP at this time.

So, when browsing in bookshops, I tend to walk past the children's section without a glance. But one day recently, something caught my eye, and I had to go back for another look. I couldn't believe my eyes - there was a book - on the kids shelf - called "Walter The Farting Dog"!! Now, there is no way my parents would have let me have a book like that when I was a kid - there was no way the censors in Australia would let a book be published with that kind of language in the 1950's! So, fifty years on, I figure I am old enough to cope with whatever was in this book. Well, I stood there reading, and laughed till the tears rolled down my face. S from The Blank Page was in the shop with her daughter, and they stood as far away as they could...can't blame them really. I have the kind of laugh that reverberates around the block, not just the room I happen to be in at the time.

I took "Walter" up to the cashier (who was by this time laughing at me) and said "I'll buy this for my husband - it reminds me of him", at which she laughed all the more, while S pretended she didn't know me! Alas, hubby wasn't amused when I showed it to him. "When are you going to grow up?" he wanted to know. Hmmmm...all I can say is, who needs Harry Potter when you can have Walter The Farting Dog?!


Blogger ms*robyn said...

ok, I am one who will say you JUST have to read Harry Potter. I, too thought the same as you did, until my daughter bought the first one home and I was inquisitive enough to pick it up. And didnt put it down til I had finished. Now I am as bad as everyone else....holding my breath waiting for the next one.
One day, when you have time on your hands * ha ha * do yourself a favour and read them.
they really are wonderful * great imagination *

Monday, 01 August, 2005  
Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, you had me rolling on the floor laughing at 6 this morning! Just too funny!

I've never read the HP books and when the first movie came out, I didn't think I'd like it. When it came on HBO, we watched it and I was glued to it! Scott bought me the DVD for Christmas that year. Now, I can watch them over and over! I don't read the books because I'd rather be stitching so I just wait for the movies.

You really had me laughing Gina!

Thursday, 04 August, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I am glad to hear you had a giggle at my post, Pam. People have said to Ken "It must be fun to be married to Gina" and he says glumly "You don't have to live with her"! Most of the time we laugh at the same things, but now and again, I guess I go over the top, especially when it comes to things that kids find funny but most adults have 'grown out of'. It doesn't take much to make me laugh - I would have to be in a very bad mood to not be able to laugh a few times during my day!

Saturday, 06 August, 2005  

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