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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Visiting Blogger friends.

I had such an enjoyable day yesterday. Anne S. had invited Sharon and I to lunch at her place, and view her stash. Anne's Mum (June)is staying with her at the moment, and as we had all met before (at Sharon's home) conversation was not slow to start! Anne has a huge stash as you would know from reading her blogs, and her finished projects are...well, priceless. I just can't find the right adjective; they are beautiful, awesome, perfect, etc. etc. I say priceless because you really cannot put a monetary value on hand stitched work, especially when it is so well stitched. Anne has got June into cross stitching, and she showed us what she has been doing as well - gorgeous Christmas designs. We had a delicious lunch of chicken and salad, accompanied by a nice wine that I'd brought along, followed by fresh fruit salad and cream. YUM!

Anne had been culling her stash of designs and patterns, and had a box full of unwanted items, which she invited Sharon and I to help ourselves to. I also came home with one of Anne's early projects - a tiger head on black aida - which she said she'd never framed because she didn't like it. It is now framed and residing on the wall of my linen room along with other framed embroidered pictures not done by me (mine are on the opposite wall). Thanks again Anne! I have something for you when you visit Patra's Place (my home I mean - not the blog - lol!).


Blogger Nicole said...

I bet you always come home from trips away with an assortment of goodies...
I'm alot like you in that respect... I never say no to a box of 'goodies'.
How are you feeling? Better I hope.
Much love, Nic xox

Sunday, 27 August, 2006  

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