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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bonus Birthday!

Ken is 71 years old today. I call it a bonus birthday because most of the medics who have been monitoring his health did not expect him to live so long after his 60th birthday! He is in bed asleep while I'm typing this at 2 am. We've had a busy week so far, and he is getting tired, so today will be fairly quiet I'm thinking. He has to be at the Austin Hospital at 11 am for his regular defibrillator check, but after that we'll be spending the rest of the day at home. Not sure if we'll go out to dinner; depends how he feels around 5 pm. If he's up to it, we'll probably go to his favourite Chinese restaurant Noble House, but if not, we'll just have a quiet tea at home. On Monday night we went to a friend's house for tea. There were six of us, so S. ordered pizza to be delivered, and we had that with champagne, followed by fresh fruit and cheese. Today, we drove up to Healesville to have lunch with a friend whose son is the manager of the RSL. We had a delicious meal, and afterwards we strolled along the main drag looking at the shops. I bought two books at one shop, a skirt and framed cross stitch at an opshop, an oven mitt with chooks on it, and a quantity of chocolates at the coffee shop we ended up at! We got home about 5 pm and after feeding the cats and a quick change of clothes, we were off again to have dinner at the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield. This was the Christmas meeting of the Japanese Vintage Motorcycle Club of which Ken is a member. They meet at this pub once a month for dinner and it is usually only the boys, but last night a few of the wives came along, so I had a good time chatting to them while the blokes were checking out each other's bikes in the car park. Thursday it is supposed to be a horror heat day with 40 deg.C temperatures, so we plan to stay indoors all day, apart from checking the aviaries to see how the birds are coping with the heat. On Friday I'll be at the opshop in the morning, and Ken is going on a bike ride and lunch with the boys. Then we are going out AGAIN to have dinner with some of his old workmates from Melbourne Pathology. Phew! I'll be relieved when the silly season is over....


Blogger THL Akiko Catherine O'Brien said...

Happy belated birthday to Ken.

Thursday, 26 December, 2013  

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