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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just briefly...

Our electricity bill has been huge lately, despite having solar panels.  I have had some experts have a look at our bills and we've been told that we are using more power at night than during theday, hence the high bills.  I've got to stop spending hours online at 2 am (like now)! 

That is not what I was going to write about, I only mentioned it because I want to make this post brief so I can turn the computer off and go to bed!   Ken's second lot of CT scans last week showed that the nodule/tumour  on his lung has shrunk and disappeared, so the threat of cancer is no longer there.  That is good news of course, but the lung specialist said it was no use Ken having a valve put in his lungs as was suggested by the lung surgeon.  Dr G. seems to think it would make no difference to Ken's breathing, but Ken isn't happy with that, and is going back to the surgeon for his advice again.  


Blogger Pam (Isabelle) said...

Hmm, that sounds like good news and not such good news. I hope the surgeon has something helpful to say.

Wednesday, 09 December, 2015  

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