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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wasn't going to mention this, but...

We had some friends around last night after dinner, and decided to watch a DVD. Ken selected "Ned Kelly" (NOT the Mick Jagger version...ugh) as one of the visitors hadn't seen it. At the end of the movie, a statement appears on the screen to tell the viewer what happened to young Ned after he had gone on his shooting and looting rampages. It said he was executed by hanging at the age of 25 years old. Ned Kelly is seen by many Australians as some kind of folk hero. There are movies, books, statues, all kinds of tacky souvenirs about him. I don't feel one way or the other - he is just one more infamous figure from Australia's history.

However, whatever his sins were, he wasn't a drug dealer. Drug dealers are the scum of the earth. They wreck countless lives by selling substances designed to melt the human brain. I have seen several families completely disintegrated by their kids getting hooked on dope. Drug dealers are not war heroes. They do not deserve to have one minute silence to honor them, they do not deserve to have church bells pealing in their honour. Ned Kelly should have been allowed to live. The other 25 year old? No further comment.


Blogger ms*robyn said...

it is certainly a controversial subject. two of my very good friends have a son who is a heroin addict and over the past 10 years I have seen them go through hell with him. stealing from them and overdosing many times, nearly sending them bankrupt. he ended up going to jail, coming out, overdosing the same day and is headed back to jail any day now & now my friends have inherited 3 grandchildren under the age of 6. My friends are both in their mid '50s and there life should be getting to the quiet stage.. Heroin destroys lives and I agree any drug pushers or drug mules are the scum of the earth. The only people who deserve a minutes silence are those who have died fighting for our country and candle vigils? they are for people who die in terroism attacks and such......I am still not sure about the death penalty... each day my opinion changes when I hear differing opinions

Sunday, 04 December, 2005  
Blogger DK said...

We all have different views about the death penalty.

But whichever side of the fence we are standing, we should all agree that drug trafficking is a serious offence. Drug trafficker shoudn't be glorified and shouldn't be given a min of silence. They don't deserve it.

Tuesday, 06 December, 2005  

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