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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ANOTHER new Blog!!

Yup. I'm getting to be an expert! Seriously, it is so easy (too easy I should say!) to create blogs, but such fun. My latest effort is dedicated to Dutch orchestra leader Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. If you have never heard of Andre, you soon will. He has been around for many years, and is well known in most of Europe, the USA and Japan. It is only in the last year or so that he has been seen on t.v. in Australia - sometimes on the ABC, and more recently on the Ovation Channel on Foxtel cable t.v.

His fan club president in Holland emailed me this week to tell me that Andre is planning to visit Oz, so I suggested to her that I set up some kind of contact point for Aussie fans to communicate with each other in readiness for his visit. She thought that was a great idea, so as I am not clever enough to set up an actual website, what better way to go than a blog?
Pop in here if you are curious!


Blogger Home Away from Home. said...

What a cool blog! Now I've got something else to read. ;)
Have a great day.

Wednesday, 28 March, 2007  
Blogger AndreRieuFans said...

Hi Gina: It is so cool that you are into Blogging. And Blogging about Andre Rieu is always great.

You can check out and click on any blog link to see my Blog about Andre. (or go directly to it at: )

Just a note, Andre doesn't have a Fan Club. He is against them, feeling all fans are equal.

The interesting thing is this...Andre's new Soloist is from Australia! Yes, it's true.

Here is a page I created for Mirusia Louwerse :::::\

Drop me a line, and make a post on our Blog. :) All are welcome. :)

Sally in the USA

Wednesday, 28 March, 2007  

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