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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Too much too soon?

The cardiologist was happy with Ken's progress last Thursday, and said he didn't need to see Ken until September, when he will do an echo-cardiogram to check on how his heart is going. That's if Ken hasn't worn it out first. Yesterday he mowed the lawns, and used the petrol blower to clean up the front yard and back yard path. I found him sitting on the steps gasping. "You silly bugger, you're supposed to take things slowly", I said crossly. A friend of ours who had open heart surgery a few years ago, said it was good that Ken is out there doing stuff, even if he does get tired. "At least he isn't lying around the house doing nothing at all, which would be far worse". Mmm. I suppose so.


Blogger Finding My Way said...

Hi Gina,
WOW! What a time you two have had.
I'm glad Ken is doing well. :)

I'm so behind in reading. Hubby and I went to Portugal. He had to go for work and I got to tag along. It was fun but a whole new experience. Very few people spoke English.

That was in third week of April. When we got back it was catch up on house and work. We still own two houses :( Wishing the other would sell. The market here is still very slow. Lots of stuff but that's the highlight. I threw out my back and that just put me further behind with everything. then some stupid stuff at work.
Today was cut grass that got of control and plant at the current house. It was hot and humid 93 degrees. We broke down and put the a/c on and now I hear the dryer calling me. Take Care and Keeping you guys in my thoughts.
HUGS - Patty

Monday, 24 May, 2010  

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