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Monday, February 07, 2011

Update on Ken's heart.

Many people who read this blog are not personal friends (as in people I actually meet with), but are kind and caring enough to ask after Ken's health, so I'm writing this post to bring everyone near and far, up to date. He was supposed to see the cardio-surgeon last Friday, but the appointment was cancelled due to an emergency, and rescheduled for today. In the meantime I ‘googled’ the surgeon and found an impressive amount of information, which made us feel a bit more confident.

He spent about half an hour with us, and first asked Ken what he thought was wrong with his heart. Ken said he felt short of breath much of the time, but didn’t know why, after all the work that had been done on him. Dr S. then asked if Ken had considered having a heart transplant, and we both must have looked surprised, because he then told us that Ken’s heart is in a very bad state, and he couldn’t understand why surgery hadn’t been done already. We told him that the cardiologist had said surgery was a last resort, as Ken’s lungs were so bad that he may not survive an operation. Dr S. said that is not so much of a problem these days, as they connect the patient to a heart–lung machine which keeps the body alive when the surgeon stops the heart while they operate on it. One of the main arteries has a stent which is still okay, but the other artery is beyond repair, so will have to be replaced by one from elsewhere. Dr S. said “I’m not going to mince my words – you are at a critical stage, and the bypass needs to be done as soon as we can fit you in at the Austin Hospital – hopefully by the end of this month."

He said Ken would probably be in hospital for a week or two, then at home for 4 – 6 weeks, but it all depends on what they find during the operation, and how well Ken recovers. He warned us that it is a dangerous operation with risks of stroke and other complications, but about 99% of people survive, although in Ken’s state of health the rate of survival is about 92%. Ken had to sign a form consenting to the operation knowing the risks, and he did, after I asked what would happen if Ken didn’t have the operation, and Dr S. just looked at me, but didn't answer.

So, here we are. Ken is a bit nervous to say the least, but looking forward to a time in the near future when he might be able to mow the lawns and go for long walks without having to sit down and catch his breath as he did yesterday, when we visited Sugar Loaf Reservoir. We walked for about 6 kilometres and when we got home, Ken slept for about two hours.

The reservoir is now 93% full according to their website. Compare this to a year or so ago when it was almost a mud bath...


Blogger Sharon said...

Oh G... But I guess none of it was really that much of a surprise... Please tell K is in our thoughts and prayers...Sorry I didn't get to ring last night... XXX

Tuesday, 08 February, 2011  
Blogger FredaB said...

Hi Gina

Bypass surgery is being done almost routinely now. Sometimes in life we have to make a choice but it sounds like Ken doen't have too much to lose by taking the open heart surgery.

If it is any help a good friend of my husband's at work had a heart transplant and lived for about 15 more years. He was still working and used to go over to Australia for work so nothing slowed him down. Just a little food for thought if it becomes necessary.

I will be thinking of you both and give Ken a great big hug from a friend. Keep us posted.


Wednesday, 09 February, 2011  

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