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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More crafty stuff.

Wondering if I should start yet another blog for my non fabric, I won't.  I did that for my sketching a year or so ago, and that blog is gathering cyberspace dust now.
Val showed me how to make some more cute origami last week.  A man's shirt, and hearts made out of bank notes.
Well, not real ones, although the original instructions used actual American dollars bills.  Mine are made from the pages of a souvenir notepad which has imitation Aussie bank notes printed on one side.

 Today we attended a full day workshop at Melbourne University which is where the Calligraphy Society hold their meetings and workshops.  Val is more interested in making cards than I am, but I decided to tag along just for the fun of it.  There were about 10 ladies in the group and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Here is our tutor Marg, with a few of her card creations on the table.   She took us through the makings of six of them, and the following photos are my own work.:

 Each card had a different technique, and we only scratched the surface.  I can see why people become addicted to card making!

Marg had made each of us individual name plates.  Next time I go somewhere that I need a name tag I'll be taking this!


Blogger Finding My Way said...

Those are awesome!
Are they hard to do?
I'm getting back to blogging and while some posts not so happy. The upcoming ones will be. I'm not if I sent you my four footed link. I'll send it to you just let me know
Have a great week :).

Tuesday, 12 February, 2013  

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