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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Life around here is getting just too darn busy.

The New Kitchen dream is fast becoming a reality.  We have paid for the appliances, and the builder came over on Monday night to sort out a few last  minute changes and confirm the colours we want for the cupboards and bench tops.  He will start building the kitchen in his factory next week, and says we should be able to view it by the end of the week, to see if there is anything we don't like and might want to change, before he installs it in our house.  I'm getting excited, but at the same time I look around the kitchen I've loved since the day we moved in to the house, and am wondering if I'm doing the right thing.

Ken has been feeling a bit like that with his car.  Our friends and family who have seen it have all openly admired it, but he says to me that he sometimes wonders if he will regret the bright colour.  I tell him to enjoy it now, and don't worry about regrets later on!   He can always trade it in on something a bit more subdued in a couple of years.

Harvey Norman at Greensborough closed down last week.  Actually Monday was their last day, but I doubt if there would have been much left by then.  We went over there on Friday to see if they had any small t.v.s left.  They didn't have ANY large appliances left - just small kitchen appliances, a few computers and cameras.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly might remember that Ken wanted to buy me an Ipad at Christmas, but I refused that offer because I thought it was far too much money on something I didn't need.  But when we found a Samsung 10" Galaxy 3 Wi Fi tablet for $325...well, it just had to be an early birthday present, didn't it.  I still had my doubts because I can't stand typing on those tablets - I really need a proper keyboard to type on.  The salesman listened to what I said, and went off to search for something for me.  He came back with a cute little bluetooth keyboard that the tablet can sit in, so it can be used like a laptop.  It was reduced from $79 to $30.  So, here it is - my early birthday present:
But it didn't stop there.  We went over to Harvey Norman at Thomastown yesterday, to pay for our kitchen appliances, and organise delivery.  While we were there, we were talking to one of the computer salesmen about my tablet, and I asked if there was any way I could be connected to the internet if I wasn't around a wi fi area.  He said yes, and explained that I could buy a prepaid package that is like a little independent modem.  So $90 later...I still think it is all just a luxury item, but I went along with it because I suspect Ken really wanted it for himself, but didn't dare so soon after buying himself a new car!


Blogger Sue said...

I think I was "encouraged" to buy a piece of sports equipment because my Ken actually wants to use it! I think that set up will be handy for your blog though, I do all mine on my iPad mini.

Friday, 04 April, 2014  

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