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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Brighter slant on a catastrophic subject.

I read the following post on Finn's Blog (Pieces From My Scrapbag) and after I read it, I felt like I was starting to wake up from a nightmare...slowly realising that the world has not, and will not come to an end, no matter how bad things are at times. I posted a comment on Finn's blog and said I would be quoting her here. I hope she doesn't mind, but this is well worth reading:

Nothing seems to feel normal. Kind of like someone came along and gave the world a good, swift kick and sent it spinning wonky off it's normal-ness. I suppose technically we are not affected, in Wisconsin, by the disaster on the golf coast. But, like 9/11, it feels like everyone is changed by this. It's upsetting in a way similar to the war in Iraq. You don't want it to be your reality. Don't want it to change the flow of your life. But it does.

I begin to realize that these things keep happening, have happened over all the years behind us, and will happen until time is no longer measured. Name got it..the dust bowl years, the depression years, all the war years from the revolt against England to the Civil War to today's war in Iraq. And what can I do about it?

Just about as much as everyone else...everything and nothing. It feels like trying to empty the ocean with a waterglass.
As well as these and other words of wisdom, Finn does the most beautiful quilting and patchwork, so do take a minute to view her photos!


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