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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Disaster films.

On August 25th, I posed a question on this blog about the making of movies about the events known as 9/11. Pam was the only person who replied, saying it was still too soon for her to watch anything like that, and I am in full agreement. Over the last few weeks, Foxtel have been advertising a program - a documentary I think - about some guy who claimed to know that America was going to be attacked in that way. The trailer keeps showing those awful videos with the planes going into the WTC. I have to switch channels every time - my stomach turns over in protest. Ken's Mum is old enough to just remember hearing about the Titanic, and to this day, she refuses to watch the movie. Nor would she watch 'Pearl Harbor'. When we went to see 'Schindlers List' (sp?) at the theatre, Ken and I stood up to walk out after about half an hour. It was only his family who hissed at us to sit down and shut up, that kept us in our seats for the remainder of the film. As Ken said afterwards, he can see that kind of thing on SBS tv if he wanted to. He likes to be entertained at the movies, not depressed by them.

I suppose the movie makers are already taking video footage in America's South, with a view to making a film about Katrina. What is it with humans that we have to replay over and over again, the worst moments in our history? I have no doubt there are wannabe psycho-analysts reading this right now, who will jump in here and attempt to explain it all to me. Ken LOVES what he calls 'action' films - Independance Day, Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, etc. I must admit, I don't really mind them either - my heart still jumps up into my throat during some scenes, but I am aware that it is 'only a movie', so I can sit back and appreciate all the special effects (with 32 speakers and a 130cm screen, you can't avoid them!!!)

So what do I like to watch, you may well ask? OK, I am an Elvis fan, so obviously I like most (but not all) of his films. I love many of the old black and white movies of the 40s and 50s - they had great story lines and mostly nice people. Do you remember a Bing Crosby B & W movie called "The Bells Of St Mary's"? If you have never heard of it, you will have to look it up on the Net - I don't have time to give the plot here! But it is one of the most beautiful and funny movies - well worth watching if ever you get the chance.

That's my waffle session for tonight. It's late! I'm off to bed.


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, I think what it is, is that people like drama. Even sad, devastating drama. I'll admit, I love special effects films. I can sit through Independence Day and Armegeddon over and over! But those movies were fiction. The first time we saw Titanic in the movies, I didn't cry. I was so taken by the special effects, it wasn't until we bought the DVD and watched it a second time that I was able to grasp the devastation of the sinking of that ship. And I was the same way with Pearl Harbor.

The thing with Titanic and Pearl Harbor for me though, is that those tragic events happened long before I was born. I view them from a historical standpoint, a learning experience more than from an entertainment perspective. The only entertainment for me really comes from how the special effects were done.

One thing I would like to point out, in reference to Independence Day and Armageddon, 2 movies made before September 11, 2001 is that if you look closely, the WTC towers were destroyed in both of those movies. If you've seen the movie The Matrix, when they're referring to what the "The Matrix" looks like today (in their time), you may notice too the similiarity to the skyline in NYC. Again, destruction to that skyline and the WTC. How many times did Hollywood destroy New York City before it became inevitable reality?

I think Reality TV, something huge here in the US, comes from people's desire for drama. So called, "realistic drama" which judging from the little bit of reality TV shows that I've seen is a joke. I really don't see anything realistic about them and I personally feel that they are a waste of film and air time.

And after seeing 9/11 live on television, (yes I saw it live starting with the first plane crash), and now with the coverage of hurricane Katrina, I feel that I've seen real Reality TV and I don't care to see it again.

If movies are to be made from the events of 9/11 and now Hurricane Katrina, I think out of respect for the people of the world, living today, those movies should not be made until our lifetimes have passed and then they should be used as a learning tool and not as entertainment.

Sorry to be so long winded Gina. Just food for thought I guess.

Wednesday, 07 September, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Thanks Pam - lots of food for thought there, and I don't think it is being long-winded. It will be a shame if you and I are the only people that read it - lol! I agree with you about watching movies related to events before we were born - don't have the same effect. By the way, we bought "The Aviator"; I wanted to see it after reading your comments. I really liked it, although Ken wasn't enthusiastic. He couldn't relate to the way it was done, and I took a while to get used to it too, but it grew on me!
As for so-called reality t.v., I have never watched it, apart from accidentally seeing a bit here and there while channel-surfing, and it held no appeal for me at all.

Wednesday, 07 September, 2005  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

hey there.. late for me right now, so i just skimmed through the post & comments..will be back tomorrow to read properly and comment again...

Wednesday, 07 September, 2005  
Blogger Sharon said...

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Thursday, 08 September, 2005  

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