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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Feeling a bit better today.

Still watching Fox News a lot, hoping for some good news out of all the horror. Petrol in the USA is what...US$3 a gallon? That is A$3.95. We are paying A$1.20 a litre, which works out to about A$4.80 a gallon...and that is US$3.66. So we are still paying a bit more than the Americans at the moment, but things can change overnight as we all know, on both sides of the Pacific!

My first job this morning was with a new client. When I arrived at the house, nobody answered my knock on the door. After calling the office I was told that there was a booking error, and I shouldn't have been given that job this week. This is not the first time this has happened to me in the past month. I know they work under a lot of stress in that office, but mistakes like that cost me time and money - with petrol at the price I have just quoted above. So to kill some time, I decided to go and collect my mail at the post office, before going to my next job. That is when the day started to improve - three of my ebay auction wins were waiting for me! Lovely linens to cheer me up. I will be scanning them and posting pics at Patra's (original) Place tomorrow.

I added these to the bag of linen I had on the back seat of my car, and headed off to my next job. From there, I went to my third and last job for the day. This client is a dear old lady who still knits beautifully, and loves to see my stitching and other linens. After I had finished my work there, we spent a very pleasant half hour, going through all my goodies (ebay wins and recent opshop finds as well). Then I went home for a late lunch of yoghurt and fruit. It was only 2 pm, so I decided to call an elderly friend in a local nursing home to see if she would like to be taken out somewhere for a cuppa. She was in, and delighted to hear from me, so I collected her 10 minutes later and we drove to a local cafe. I ordered tea for her and coffee for me, and proceeded to spread my linen out on the table for her inspection. As usual, the waitress was astonished to see a cloth on the table when she came over with our drinks! and the other patrons were also politely curious, drifting past our table trying not to be overly nosey! Nance loved it all as she always does, so it made for a pleasant afternoon for the two of us.


Blogger Sharon said...

You are cute Gina... I hope when I am an old lady someone treats me as kindly as you do...

Saturday, 03 September, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Cute! You have two loving daughters that will look after you when you are an old lady, Sharlee!

Sunday, 04 September, 2005  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

Gina- what a lovely day you ended up having. You are so fortunate to have those sweet ladies as friends. Good to hear that you are feeling a little happier today.
Petrol here today was $1.30 a litre..

Sunday, 04 September, 2005  

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