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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Day 2005.

After seeing everyone else's Christmas Day stories, I thought it was about time I wrote something about ours, especially as I had mentioned on Patra's Place that I would do so. Ken and I started our day by exchanging gifts and opening the others that had been accumulating. I gave him a DVD and a calendar - both motorcycle-related, which is his prime interest. He gave me an Elvis DVD, a bunch of flowers, and a Chocolate House. He gave me one of these last year, and I was so delighted with it, he thought it was worthwhile to repeat the exercise! Now that I have photographed it, we will proceed with the demolition...but slowly! {{{YUM}}}}

Later in the morning, we set off for our first visit of the day - to one of my home care clients, who is frail and ill, and on her own since her husband died a few years ago. We took some flowers and Christmas cake, and found her still in her nightclothes, and a bit confused about what day it was. She soon realised though, and was delighted to have us there for an hour. I changed her bed linen while we were there, as due to the public holidays, I wouldn't be back again until later in the week, and I couldn't bear the thought of her having to sleep in a soiled bed, especially with the threat of several 100 deg.F days to follow.

After that, we dropped in on another lady who is also a widow, but in much better health. She was also delighted to see us, even though it was a 'flying' visit, because we had to travel a few more miles to get to Ken's sister's place in time for lunch. Not that we were worried; lunch is never until about 2pm on Christmas Day at her place...There were nine of us there and it was a pleasant day, with Ken's sis. firmly in stress-free-control, compared to last year when she was so stressed she ended up in hospital! Her daughter M had her two little ones there - two years old and 2 months old. Of course the baby got all the attention, so little Miss Two had her nose out of joint and was grizzling on and off for much of the day. Until I found one of those bubble blowing toys in a cracker and started blowing bubbles. Miss Two was delighted with this, and so I kept her amused for an hour or so, while M was able to feed the baby in peace and quiet.

Now, my stash for this Christmas. I feel very much loved and cherished this year; I put photos of four items on Patra's Place, but I received so much more, including bath salts, soap and gel, embroidered hand towels, chocolates, two cross stitch books, bottles of wine, underwear, a diary, calendar, two padded/embroidered coat hangers, and a roasting dish (sounds strange, but I was asked what I wanted, and that was my request!). There are some other things, but without looking at my list I can't remember everything.

So, a happy day all round. Boxing Day was quiet; I did all my housework in the morning, and spent the afternoon stitching in front of the tv, with my new Elvis DVD playing. Ken was downstairs in the garage for most of the day, getting frustrated with his bike over some mishap.. >:-(


Blogger Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. :-) You've got such a big heart. Happy Boxing Day. We don't celebrate that here but the hubby explained a bit to me.
It's a wee bit warmer than what it's been in a long time. High 30's F and it almost looks like early Spring Thaw. Did I read your temp correctly? WOW.
I hope to do a little more blogging soon. But pleae know you and Ken are most definately in our thoughts.
Hugs and Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, 28 December, 2005  
Blogger Peggy said...

sounds like youhad a wonderful Christmas... Heres wishing you the happiest, wonderful, fun New Year!! Got your little package off in the mail.

Wednesday, 28 December, 2005  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

I enjoyed reading about your day Gina, it sounds like your Christmas Day was very special. Isn't it fun to get and give special gifts and do all the visiting with loved ones! Every year I think, now we really could skip the gifts and give donations but the kids won't hear of it and I'm glad in the end. Praise the Lord for children who are now adults and keep me on track once in a while. *smile*

Thursday, 29 December, 2005  

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