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I started out with Patra's Place, primarily dedicated to my linen collection and stitching projects. But I kept getting side-tracked, so I decided to create Patra's Other Place for anything not related to embroidery topics. So you now have a choice. If you are interested in me, read this. If you only want to see my linen and stitching, visit Patra's (original) Place! (Please note that by clicking on any of the photos, they will be enlarged to fill your computer screen.)

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Isn't it interesting to see what blogs people read? I have seven blogs on the go, and the one I thought would have the least readers has nearly the most! This is what my Stats. Counter website tells me:
Patra's Place (started April 2005)...............74,473 visits
Patra's Other Place (started July 2005)..........16,104 visits
Patracat's Memories (started March 2006)............550 visits
Patra's Peacocks (started August 2006).............3331 visits
Patra's Swapcards (started Feb. 2007)...............858 visits
Patra's Embroidered Aprons (started June 2007).....1164 visits
Aussie Fans for Andre Rieu (started March 2007)..16,620 visits

I understand why Patra's Place gets a lot of visits - there are so many people around the world who love embroidery as much as I do, and like to see my collection.
But the blog for Andre Rieu (Dutch violinist if you don't know him) has astounded me! I started it purely as a forum for Andre's fans to chat to each other, but it has grown a lot since then. I guess it makes sense, because he is HUGE in Europe and the USA, and has really taken off Down Under this year. He is in Australia at the moment, doing a quick PA visit - has been in Melbourne for two days, and is in Sydney on Sunday, for 'meet and greets'. He will be doing concerts here in November and December 2008, so if you haven't yet heard of him, I can practically guarantee you will by then!


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