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Friday, September 14, 2007

Things that go bang when you least expect it!

Thursday is one of my two days off during the working week, and I usually shop in the morning, and catch up on housework afterwards. Yesterday, I had almost finished vaccumming the house right through (one room to go) when the vac cleaner died in spectacular fashion. It had been making some peculiar humming noises, so I'd checked the bag to make sure it wasn't full, replaced the filter, and turned it back on. It roared at me and belched smoke in the manner of a steam train, so I turned it off at the power point immediately! Whoooo!!! No use even looking any further - it was obvious that the motor had finally carked it. I guess after 20+ years, I'd had a good run, so I took it to Godfrey's in Greensborough and got $100 trade-in for a new one. It's all a gimmick of course - I still had to pay $300, but my new one is a nifty little blue and silver job, nice and light to handle.

When I'd done that and had the new cleaner in the back of my car, I went to visit one of my Do Care friends, who lives close by. She wanted to go to Greensborough to do some messages, so we drove back and I accompanied her to the bank, post office, supermarket etc. At some stage, she put her walking stick down and didn't remember it until we'd come out of the checkout. She can walk without it, but of course, if someone has one, it is because they do need it for support. We searched everywhere, but when we couldn't find it, we left her details with the Lost Property office in the centre. Today, she phoned to let me know her stick had been handed in, and someone had kindly brought it to her home! Isn't that nice! (Saved me another trip, too!)


Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Gina, its pleasing to know there are some honest people about,
My Daughter took me to Greensborough shopping last time I was down, Ohh How its grown since i was last in the shopping centre...

Saturday, 15 September, 2007  

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