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Friday, December 31, 2010

It is HOT.

It is 5 pm and I've just turned the news on the radio and heard that Melbourne reached a top temperature today of 40 deg.C. which is 104 deg.F. for those of you who don't do metric. The wind is blowing a gale. Earlier today I went up to the aviaries and gave the birds a shower (Ken installed showers in the aviaries years ago), which they loved, flitting back and forth through the spray. Thank goodness the prediction is for a cool change tonight, and a pleasant top of 24 deg. tomorrow.

It looks like it is going to be a quiet night around here. The neighbours on one side are rarely home after Xmas, and I haven't seen any sign of them today. The families across the road are all new and haven't spoken to anyone else yet, in spite of me putting a Happy Xmas/welcome card in their letterboxes a month ago :-( We used to have great neighbours when we first moved in here 30 years ago, but in recent years, people just don't seem to be as friendly as they used to be. I spoke to one of the girls on the other side of us and she said she is going to a party, and her Mum and sister are going to a bar in Melbourne and won't be home until about 5 am. Makes me feel old. I remember the days when I spent NY Eve in town with my friends, not getting home until dawn!

Ken and I haven't done much in recent years - just watched the fireworks on t.v. then gone to bed. Sometimes we've had some friends around, or gone to somebody's home, but more and more of our age group seem content to just stay put on NY Eve. Pity. I used to look forward to a bit of fun and music with friends. Our next 'do' will be our Australia Day Party on Jan. 26th, but the success of that depends on who is able to come. We usually have about a dozen people, which is a nice number, although I would be happy if more turned up.


Blogger Isabelle said...

Doing a catch-up - all sounds good apart from the grumpy Ken!

Happy New Year, dear Gina.

Saturday, 01 January, 2011  
Blogger Linens and Royals said...

Happy 2011 to you Gina, I hope that cool change came through for you. I had a quiet night at home too. Charlotte and Emily do not approve of late nights out for me.

Saturday, 01 January, 2011  

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