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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Terrible news from America.

I was chatting on the phone to a friend this afternoon when she mentioned the shooting of the children in the USA. I hadn't heard about it, but of course it was all over the news tonight. Those poor kids - the ones that survived as well as the ones that survived. And the parents and doubt there are Xmas gifts under trees in those homes which will not be opened this Xmas, if at all. What is it with the Americans?? Oh, I realise that most of the American women who read my blog probably do not own guns, or use them regularly. But the gun culture over there is so strong; I've heard that it is in their constitution that every American has the right to be armed, or something like that. Goes back to the days of the wild west where I guess it was necessary for men to be armed to defend themselves. But in this century?? Surely not. I wonder if Pres. Obama has the guts to go against the gun lobby and bring in measures to restrict the sale of guns? Whether you liked him or not, I think most Australians admired ex Prime minister John Howard for introducing strong gun laws after the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania. The MOTH says if you make owning guns illegal, the only people to have them will be criminals. It's not quite that bad; Ken has three guns himself (rifles) but not automatic/military style guns, and he is a member of a sporting shooters association, and his guns are registered with the appropriate authorities. Mind you, they have been locked away for years, and have probably rusted away by now, so if anyone did find them, I doubt if they would be able to do much damage.


Blogger Cathy said...

Hi Gina,
We are grieving the loss of those sweet children too. It is a horror.

Our right to "keep and bear arms" goes back about 250 years. My husband and I have guns for home protection and hunting. We also have compound bows for hunting. I was raised with guns as was my husband. If my life or my husband`s is in danger (an inturder in my home)I would not hesitate to shoot. Bad guys will always have access to guns. No matter the law. That`s how it is here. Ken is right. Now I hope you don`t think I`m a crazy lady!

Monday, 17 December, 2012  

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