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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spiders and snakes...

My friend Cathy in Arizona left a comment on my last post, and I emailed her to ask what she meant by it.  She replied almost immediately, and I laughed so much, I decided to share it with my readers!  As I said to Cathy, Americans often say they wouldn't come to Australia because of our deadly spiders and snakes, but now if anyone says that to me, I'll just tell them to go to Arizona - it's a lot worse, lol!

I get the "nothing can get in here" speech a lot. I`ve found spiders as big as the palm of my hand in the house. Lots of yelling, dancing and screaming on my part.   Scorpion are common. The scorpions like bathtubs and my washing machine. Haven`t figured out how they can in the slippery tub or the washer. The snakes are looking for a cool place now, so when I open a door I have to make sure there isn`t a snake on the other side. They can get in very narrow places. We had one (rattlesnake) in the house a few years ago because Jack left a door open. The dogs found it and it went to snake heaven.


Blogger FredaB said...

I found out we have snakes in Florida also. Spiders the size of tea cups with legs. I still like Australia and wouldn't mind living there or NZ if my children didn't live half the earth away.


Friday, 02 August, 2013  

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