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I started out with Patra's Place, primarily dedicated to my linen collection and stitching projects. But I kept getting side-tracked, so I decided to create Patra's Other Place for anything not related to embroidery topics. So you now have a choice. If you are interested in me, read this. If you only want to see my linen and stitching, visit Patra's (original) Place! (Please note that by clicking on any of the photos, they will be enlarged to fill your computer screen.)

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I am married to Ken. We have no children except a cat and a collection of Australian parrots, finches, canaries and a dozen hens.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Montsalvat, the Eltham artists' colony.

Every time I visit Montsalvat, I enjoy it more.  I've been there a few times in the past few years to view exhibitions, or just have coffee and cake with a friend.  I went there today with a friend who called me last night to tell me that the current exhibition was closing, so we should go and see it before we miss out. I'm so glad she called - it was a perfect day, the exhibitions were great, and the coffee and cake delicious!
The peacocks and peahens that roam the grounds are quite tame.  This poor fellow has been moulting and lost his tail, and all that is left is fluffy bits!

Not supposed to take photos of the exhibits, but I wanted to show this to Ken, as I'd like to buy it, but need his approval for the price ticket of nearly $800!

Some views of the buildings in the grounds of Montsalvat.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

New hens for the chookhouse.

Ken is slowly improving, but still has a lot of pain internally from the shingles, so is on strong pain killers, which make him drowsy.  So he has to wait until the effect wears off before he can drive, otherwise he just skips the medication so he can drive when fully alert, even if in pain!  Today we went up to Launching Place where we bought six bantam hens from a man that Ken knows from the local Poultry club.  The  new girls are really cute, and Ralph the Rooster is quite taken with them!  He didn't take any notice of his other hens once we put the new ones into the chook house - he was clucking around them once he got over the shock of having a whole new tribe to deal with!  You can see photos on my Birds in a Back yard blog.

Friday, March 06, 2015

More illness for Ken.

Ken has shingles.  He was in pain last Friday and Saturday, and he was supposed to go to the air show on Sunday but was too sick to get out of bed.  In the afternoon he showed me a rash on his back and chest and I knew straight away what it was.  I've never had it, but my Dad did, and when I was a council home carer, some of my clients had it, so I know what it looks like.  On Monday  the doctor confirmed my guess of shingles and put Ken on antiviral medicine for 7 days. He said it was just as well we consulted him in the early stages, as if shingles is left too long without treatment it can last for months or even years. I was  supposed to be on volunteer duty at the Embroiderer's Guild on Tuesday, but I really couldn't leave him alone all day. He said he would be okay,  but if it was me in so much pain I wouldn't be happy about being left on my own all day. It's more moral support, isn't it, when you aren't well. Even though you are on medication and it's just a waiting game until you start to get better, it is just nice to have your loved one with you making cups of tea and sympathetic noises.

Ken had an appointment at the Austin for his quarterly defibrillator check up on Wednesday, but when he phoned them to see if he should come in, the answer was a definite NO!  They didn't want him in the waiting room for hours with all those other sick people!  His car was due back at Mantello Holden today for another recall fixit, and he said he was feeling well enough to go.  He left at 7 am to get there by 8, and was home by 10 am.  While he was gone I whipped the sheets and pillowcases off the bed and washed them and his pyjamas in very hot water.  It was cold outside today, but very windy, so I got everything inside by lunchtime. When he got home, he was exhausted, and all he wanted to do was get undressed and back into bed, so I was glad that I'd changed the bedding in time.

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