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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wiping MORE egg off my face!!

I just happened to mention on Patra's Place that somebody had put photos of their hometown on their blog, and what a good idea I thought it was. And I would do it very soon myself, on this blog...Well, famous last words. Since I wrote that, several of my favorite Blogger Friends have beat me to it, and put photos on their blogs! Still, it is nice to feel you might have started a small trend, and I am enjoying seeing other people's places. I do have my photos sitting on top of the scanner to do something with, but as usual, time just gets away. Here it is, 8 pm on Sunday evening - we haven't had tea (I haven't even thought about what we are going to have!), I have five shirts to iron for the MOTH, and I haven't even done the dishes from this morning. One good thing about MOTH having his own computer now, he gets caught up in it even more so than me these days, so I don't have him grizzling about meals being late because like me, he doesn't even realise what time it is...until the hunger pangs set in and he looks at the clock and yelps!

You might be wondering what the heck I have been doing all day? We had Ken's Mum stay with us last night, and today we all went over to the home of one of his cousins, about 20 minutes drive from here. His family have this nice tradition of holding regular get-togethers of the family three or four times a year, apart from Christmas or Easter that is. So the cousins and their off spring take turns in hosting an afternoon tea where we all bring a plate of nibblies, and just laze the day away catching up with each other. No stress, no family arguments - just a nice relaxing afternoon.

Ken's Mum at 92 years old, is absolutely no problem - in fact she is a sheer joy to have with us! She has all her marbles, that is, no sign of dementia - and she loves to see what new things Ken and I have - my linen collection, what I am stitching, and what we are doing on our computers. Ken spent an hour teaching her to play Spider Solitaire on his laptop this morning! Last night we watched two DVDs - Riverdance and one of the recent Military Tattoos Ken and I attended. Nice and loud too - if she was physically able, I reckon she would have been up marching around the lounge room! I couldn't have wished for a better Mum In Law..


Blogger ms*robyn said...

92 years old !!! wow - what stories she must have to tell...hope you talk to her lots, Gina.
as to the pics - yes, I was one to put mine up - amy @ only the berries suggested it too and I thought what a great idea...have to fess up though, that a couple of mine, I found on the net...better to have good ones than the ones I could take..I think I might make it a weekly post... have so many gorgeous places here that I could share..can't wait to see yours :)

Sunday, 21 August, 2005  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

You are so blessed Gina, with a MIL like that! How many women can genuinely give the praise you have here. And that she 'has all her marbles' praise God. My Mum is in the nursinghome and its got so many whose thinking is confused. My MIL is passed on for a good many years now. She had alot of kids, even as adults some lived at home and still kept her busy.

Tuesday, 23 August, 2005  

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