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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I love a sunburnt country....

I do love my country with a passion, in spite of the 40C deg. heat today, and bushfires about 40 kls. from us. This is all part of living in Australia. You take the good with the bad, and for me, the good aspects of being an Aussie far outweigh the not so good.

I have always done something to celebrate our national birthday in some small personal way. I have been into the city and joined in the various festivities; I have participated in local events; and in the last few years, Ken and I have hosted an Australia Day party at our home. We invite about 20 people, but for various reasons (holidays, weather, etc.) we usually end up with about 12 - 16 people. But that's fine. Our house isn't that big anyway! So what do we do? The invitation is for lunch. We set up the outdoor furniture and sun umbrella every year, but every year so far we haven't ventured outdoors because of the extreme heat of the day. So we are inside with the air-con. going full blast, as well as a few extra fans. I put on a spread of salads with prawns and cold meats, followed by a dessert of pavlova (two today - strawberry/chocolate and banana/kiwi fruit). We finish off with lamingtons and a cup of tea. All good Aussie tucker! No barbecue due to total fire bans, but it's too hot for a bbq anyway. Everyone brings their own drinks, and the blokes usually bring beer, and the sheilas bring wine or soft drinks.

After the first course, I call for everyone's attention and put a tape of our national anthem on. We all stand and sing "Advance Australia Fair", then raise our glasses and drink a toast to the best country in the world (with apologies to those of you in other places reading this, who think your country is the best!). We spend the rest of the day chatting and drinking, with the tennis on the tv in the background. Today, some of my friends brought some small Aussie gifts for me. The picture here is actually one of six drink coasters. Another girl brought an Aussie flag tea towel, and a cute book on cats.

So to all my Aussie readers - I hope you had a happy Australia Day, and that none of you have been in the path of the bushfires. God bless our Firefighters.


Blogger Nicole said...

We too had a lovely day... not as exciting as it usually is... but I made sure to cook a roast lamb with all the trimmings for hubby and a mate of his (nowhere to go so we took him in for the day), Pavlova of course for afters, and a nanny nap later on. The children were oblivious to the special meaning of the day... my fault as I didn't go to much trouble like I normally would have. I loved your post Gina.. It made me feel like I was there with you... x Nicole
ps.. Got your parcel yesterday, thanks again, yours should get to you by end of next week.

Friday, 27 January, 2006  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

sounds wonderful! and I agree with Nicole, your post made me feel like I was there. We also have damper with golden syrup, all washed down with billy tea on Australia day. I love how many people are making this a special day. And yes - God bless our fire fighters.

Friday, 27 January, 2006  
Blogger Cookie said...

Wish I was at your place yesterday Gina ! Sounds like you had such fun. When its so hot...hard to get motivated to throw a good on ya !

Friday, 27 January, 2006  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Thank you all for your comments!
Nicole, glad you got the cards.
Robyn, I am also delighted that more and more people are making our national special, and not just another public holiday.
Maureen, if you are ever down this way at that time of the year, be sure and let me know, so you can join us!

Friday, 27 January, 2006  

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