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Saturday, June 24, 2006

End of my holidays - WHAT holidays???

It was another crazy week. I can't believe this time has gone so fast and I'll be working again on much as I love my job, I do wish sometimes I could completely retire from work and fill my days with 'me' time. Is that selfish? So what did I do this week? A lot of unexpected running around, that's what. The gas heater in our lounge room 'died' on Monday; actually just the fan, but without the fan, the heater doesn't work properly. So I had to wait around for our plumber, who fortunately is very reliable, and does turn up around the time he has promised. He removed the faulty fan, and then said he didn't have time to take it to the factory to get it fixed, so of course I said I would do that. Well, I didn't have much choice, did I - with Ken at work, and Melbourne's weather getting colder by the minute!

Roll on Tuesday. Had promised to have lunch with an old friend in the city, but there was no way I could get from home to this fan factory (an hour's drive) and back into the city by noon. So I cancelled the lunch appointment and set off on my journey. The only good thing was that it was a fine sunny day, so it was quite a pleasant drive. As I had nothing better to do now, I figured I may as well check out all the opshops on my way back home, as this was not a route that I travelled often, so I'd never had the opportunity. I enjoyed my browsing, but found nothing worth buying, so I stopped for coffee and cake along the way. Bad mistake - it was the worst coffee I've ever had in a cafe, and the cake wasn't much better - yuck!

On Wednesday, I had my regular monthly visit to one of my Japanese friends, and as she lived in the same suburb as the office for my job is located, I was able to drop in there afterwards and collect my roster for next week.

Thursday morning is when I do my weekly shopping, and I had planned to do that nice and early, then come home and spend the rest of the day quietly stitching. What is that saying about the best laid plans of mice and men, or something? Yeah, well..
Did the shopping, got home to a phone call from the lady whose linen I am laundering. She wanted to come over and pick some up - and bring me some more...bleah...After she left, I visited a fellow linen and lace collector in the next street, and we spent a happy couple of hours looking at some new acquisitions to our collections.

Friday was definitely going to be my Day of Rest. Mice and men again got in the way of that plan. I had to go back down south and collect that fan, didn't I. I'd originally arranged to have lunch with another friend, so I asked if she would like to accompany me on my drive, and stop for lunch somewhere on the way back, which we did. But, before we had lunch, we guessed it - an opshop, which had a HUGE pile of linen in a glass showcase! The ladies in the shop dragged the whole lot out for us, and we spent half an hour making our selections, then bargaining with them over the price. Some of these opshop volunteers ought to go and work in antique shops - they try to get outrageous prices for stuff that people have donated to them instead of throwing it out! Grrrrrr...

After coffee and cake (much nicer this time), we strolled through the Forest Hill Chase Shopping centre and discovered a simply delightful gift shop. Out came the credit card and I bought half a dozen items which will be tucked away for Christmas. I find this works much better than doing panic runs in December looking for gifts. Not only did I buy gifts for other people though - I lashed out on a little something for myself - a GOLLIWOG!!! He is sooooooooo cute! It is lovely to see them reappearing in shops now, after they had been declared politically incorrect for so long. I meant to scan him while I was scanning my latest linens for Patra's Place, but I forgot, so he will have to wait.

Our trusty plumber Greg arrived at 7 pm tonight - we were his final call after what he said was a shocker of a day. Literally - he had electrocuted himself twice, because some idiot householder had been messing around with the electrical wiring and got it wrong! Fortunately Greg knows how to protect himself against such things, so he wasn't injured - just a bit 'jumpy'! Anyway, our heater is working again, and none too soon - we had one hell of a storm tonight, and it was bliss to be warm and cosy after a week of shivering!


Blogger Maggie Ann said...

You've had a very interesting week anyway. I think its terrible for places to charge large amounts of money for donated items. Its quite irksome to see this.

Saturday, 24 June, 2006  
Blogger Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
I'm glad you're back to being warm. We 've been having some odd weather as of late. I hope you have a good week.

Sunday, 25 June, 2006  
Blogger Nicole said...

I had to read your post twice..... what a week you've had! I love the op shopping though and your comment about pricing. I walked into an op shop the other day and discover why I don't pay regular visits to it... they wanted over $5.00 for some crotchet doilies EACH... can you believe it? I have never paid more than $2 at my local haunts. I did give them the benefit of the doubt though and walked around perusing at their other bits and pieces...anyone would think they were an antique dealer lol.. never again! Hugs and have an awesome week, Nicole xox.

Sunday, 25 June, 2006  

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