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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

For lovers of tea and everything vintage!

One of the books I bought last week as a future gift for some lucky girl, is called "The Art Of Tea and Friendship - Savoring the Fragrance of Time Together", and it contains beautiful pictures painted by Sandy Clough, an American lady who obviously loves linen, lace and teaparties as much as most of the girls who read my blogs! Sandy also has a lovely website dedicated to Tea and Friendship, with all kinds of interesting stuff. So, Ms Robyn and Co. - check it out!
Sandy's Tea Society

Talking of tea parties, Ms Robyn recently organised one of her delicious vintage exchanges (she is very good at this!), and I decided to participate. My exchange partner was Flossy in Qld. and we had to exchange a package of teatime goodies: a vintage cup, saucer and teaspoon, some teabags, a verse or magazine cutting to read while we have a cuppa, a pretty napkin and a chocolate. An ENORMOUS box arrived here yesterday, and I opened it to find a basket all done up in cellophane and ribbons, containing about a hundred teabags of all kinds!!, cup, saucer and spoon, napkin, card with a lovely verse, and a bottle of lavender spray (which must have been in lieu of the chocolate). Thank you Flossy!!!


Blogger Daisy Lupin said...

Just taken a quick look at the tea society book and website, how amazing, thanks for sharing it, will have to go back and have a longer look. Daisy Lupin xx

Thursday, 29 June, 2006  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

you were spoilt!

Friday, 30 June, 2006  
Blogger Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
Oh you've found one of my big weakness or strength's depending on your point of view. ;-) When I have some more time I'll have to check out the web site. :)
Have a happy week!

Monday, 03 July, 2006  
Blogger Nicole said...

Hello Miss, I will go have a look at your tea site, thankyou. I saw a chocolate workshop in Melbourne on the square box last night... everyone was licking their fingers and I was soooo jealous. Did you see it? Reminds me of the cadbury factory in Tasmania. Mmmmmm xox.

Tuesday, 04 July, 2006  

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