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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh, is it Christmas Time?

So many blogs with so many pictures and verses relating to Christmas...why not this one? I was brought up in a Christian (C of E) household, where we had a Christmas tree, decorations and all those nice things every year while we were all at home. As my brothers got married and left home, then my Mum died, and there was only Dad and I left, we didn't bother with the frills - just put up the cards as they arrived, and went to Church on Christmas Day. Actually, Dad went on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Night, I think, as he was in the church choir. I just went to the morning service.

When I moved into my own apartment, Church went 'out the window' as I was living too far from home to go to Dad's church, and I didn't know where the nearest church was to my flat. I really can't remember what my first husband and I did to celebrate Christmas...can't remember much at all about that six years of marriage.

Ken and I used to put up a small plastic tree and a few decorations, but not having any children, and always spending Christmas Day with his family, we haven't bothered doing much decorating for years. I put a wreath on the front door, and we hang the cards around the lounge room, and that's it. Oh, we do post cards to friends and family, and we give gifts to each other, family and friends. As we've got older, we have both become a bit ambivalent about the whole deal. For a start, it begins way too early. The shops and media start plugging it around September, for goodness sake. And it's all spend, spend, spend. I saw a poster somewhere last year that said it all for me. A picture of Jesus looking very sad, with the caption "When did I say you had to go and spend money to celebrate my birthday?"

From November onward, the traffic gets more and more chaotic. Where are all those people going in such a hurry? There are twice the number of collisions at this time of the year compared to the rest of the year. I feel so sorry for the Police and Ambulance drivers. And supervisor was cross with me because I chose to look after one of my clients instead of taking the afternoon off to attend the staff Christmas Party. Well, excuse me, but I am in this job to look after people. The staff Xmas party should not disrupt the clients' needs - it should be held after hours or on weekends, as far as I'm concerned. Another thing about parties...why do people think it is necessary to get drunk to 'celebrate' Christmas? I hate it around here - the kids go nuts, driving like maniacs, loud music, broken bottles in the front yards next day....ugh. Christmas? No thanks - roll on January.


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