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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sorry about that last post!

No wonder nobody bothered commenting on my previous post; in fact I'd be surprised if anyone owned up to actually reading it to the end! I think it was influenced by what was going on around me at the time, i.e.teens around here being particularly obnoxious and noisy, as they usually are this time of the year. Anyway, enough about that; I'm sure I'm not the only one with noisy neighbours! It's a selfish viewpoint when one considers what else is happening in Australia at the moment. I don't need to elaborate on our bushfires; every Aussie reading this is well aware of the situation, and I know some of my blogger friends are dangerously close to it all. So I should not be whinging about neighbours who celebrate Christmas and school holidays in their own way. It's not for long, after all.

Some of my more honest (as in upfront/don't mince their words kind of honesty!) friends have told me over the years I am intolerant of kids because I've never had any of my own to deal with. They are probably right. And if I am brutally honest with myself, I remember being a very noisy child and teen myself. As kids, my friends and I would run around our back yard screeching, just for the heck of it. Mum used to call out to me to stop it, which I did, but at the same time, annoyed because she was spoiling our fun. I never gave the neighbours a thought! What 10 year old does? And as a teen, I would play my rock'n'roll records as loudly as I dared, until Dad came into my room and threatened to disconnect the recordplayer unless I turned it down.

As for parties...oh yes, my memory serves me well here. One in particular comes to mind, when my best friend's Mum was away for the weekend, and Best Friend invited everyone and their dog to her home. I shudder now to think what her neighbours were thinking, and in retrospect, I'm surprised they didn't call the police, with all the noise and everything. There must have been about fifty kids coming and going all night. Last night, the boy next door celebrated his 18th birthday, with about that many kids. But his mum had warned me, and said they would be gone by 8 pm as they were being picked up by a bus and returned home at midnight. so from around 7 pm there was lots of noise and loud music, then a huge double-decker bus trundled down our hill and stopped outside our place. The kids were all out in the street by this time, waiting for it, and once they had gone, peace and quiet prevailed until midnight when they came back. But they were all gone within half an hour, so we had no cause for complaint. In fact, I almost envied them. What a ball they must have had! I must ask his Mum how much it cost; I might hire the bus for my 60th birthday! Anyone want to join me?


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