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Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Saturday.

Today was a very productive day, ending with me being absolutely stuffed, but also very satisfied with my work! We became a tiny bit wealthier, by selling a few items around the house. One of our four bedrooms in this house has been designated 'the linen room' because I have my collection in there. It also does duty as a guest room on the rare occasion that someone comes to stay with us. Up until today, we had our old Queensize double bed in there, which our guests in past years have said was very comfortable. But it took up almost half the room, and with my china cabinet and Tall Boy fighting for space, the room was too cluttered. When a friend told us of someone who needed a spare bed in his new home, we made contact, and agreed to sell our old bed to him for $40. Today he came to collect it.

As soon as they had gone with the bed, I vaccumed and dusted the whole room thoroughly. Moved the china cabinet and tall boy to new positions, vaccumed some more, and asked Ken's opinion. Our old stereo record/tape player was still in the lounge room on a small cabinet, but not in use, as we use the home theatre system to play music. Ken suggested moving the stereo into the linen room so I could listen to my records and tapes whenever I liked, if he was doing something else at the other end of the house. So I moved that in there too, as well as the old standard lamp which no longer fits in the lounge.

We have a friend from the U.K. staying here for two days in March, so I got out the folding bed we had bought years ago for emergencies, and put that up near the window. I covered it with all the bedding from the QS bed, which made it nice and soft, then I put all my embroidered cushions all over it for display. This is just a temporary measure, as I don't think we'll have time to buy a divan or sofa bed before our friend arrives. Once he is gone, we are going to look for one of those convertable sofa beds, which will look much nicer, and be more comfortable for any future guests. Here is the new look on one side of the room. The walls out of sight are the wardrobe wall where my cloths hang, and the china cabinet is against the wall next to the bed.


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