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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'll swap our heat for some of your snow!

I know it's been pretty bad in parts of the northern hemisphere, but I would give anything to experience just 24 hours of snow and ice right now. This weekend was a scorcher, reaching 38 deg.C (approx. 106 deg.F) on both days. Ken and I are lucky enough to have two air conditioners - a new one in the living area, installed just before Christmas, and the old (37 years old) one, which used to cool or heat the whole house, but now it struggles with extreme temperatures. We were going to have it removed completely when the new one was installed, but that would have left a large hole in the wall of the entrance hall, so we just left it there. It still works well enough to cool the other end of the house, which is where our computers are, so we had both coolers on today, as Ken was on his computer, and I was in the kitchen, stitching.

Yesterday we had Ken's family here to celebrate his Mum's 94th birthday. We had invited one of her two remaining cousins, and another couple of her friends, all of whom are in their 90's, and we fully expected them all to ring and apologise for not venturing out on such a hot day. The friends did ring, but her cousin arrived with his daughter-in-law, so M.I.L. was delighted to see him after several years. Also present were Ken's sister and her hubby, and her daughter with her two little girls. So ten of us altogether, and thanks to the two air conditioners, we were actually quite comfortable! S.I.L. said later she was so glad we had the party at our place, because nobody else's home would have been so cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an airconditioner hog. I love to feel cold and dispise to feel hot or even warm. I love winter and love it when we go to Warwick and it gets waaaay below zero. I am hoping to take my chicks to see the snow this year.
Sounds like your MIL had a very lovely day. Lots of love, Nicole xox.

Friday, 23 February, 2007  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I don't actually like to feel cold, but it is a darn sight easier to get warm when it's cold, than to cool off when it's hot! I am surprised you live in Queensland, feeling like that about hot weather! Although it's not much cooler down here at the moment...

Saturday, 24 February, 2007  

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