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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter to all my Blog Friends.

Isn't this a lovely graphic? I found it here.
So far our Easter break has been very pleasant. Good Friday is always a quiet day in our house. Ken and I are not affiliated with any particular church, but we were both brought up in Protestant households, so we recognise and celebrate both Easter and Christmas (although I hate the commercialism associated with both events and I don't feel as strongly about Christmas any more).

In the morning, I visited three of my home care clients to help them shower and dress for their day, and I was home by 11 a.m. Ken was still in bed, but after a phone call from friends nearby inviting us to lunch, he got up and sorted himself out while I did a load of washing. We spent a happy time with our friends, then came home to have fresh steamed fish, chips and salad for tea. After tea we settled down to watch one of Ken's many Biblical story DVDs - this time he chose "King Of Kings" - one that he often likes to watch at Easter.

Gosh this year is flying by already - my 59th birthday is coming up fast, and I'm looking forward to spending the morning with ten of my family and friends, having breakfast at one of the beautiful wineries in the Yarra Valley nearby. A friend had a birthday breakfast here a few years ago and ever since then, I have wanted to do the same thing for my birthday. This is the year!


Blogger miss*R said...

I just think easter is another excuse for a long weekend.
I have my own little celebrations now.
I hope your easter break has been a nice quiet one - reading your other post it looks like you had a fun time shopping!
we must chat again soon - school holidays here, once they are over I will call you again if you would like to chat?

Monday, 09 April, 2007  
Blogger miss*R said...

what a great idea for your birthday! what fun if I could come too :)
I turn 50 next year and I am looking for something special to do - maybe a trip to the Mudgee wine area for me. thanks for the idea!

Monday, 09 April, 2007  

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