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Monday, September 03, 2007

Babies in nests - Spring has sprung in Melbourne!

Here are some of our plants which are flowering for the first time in their short lives - they were only planted last year.
This ground cover/creeper is growing at an alarming rate; it will trip me up one day, I'm sure!
But it is such a gorgeous shade of purple, I have no intention of ripping it out.
We have several varieties of Grevillea shrubs in the garden, and I'd labelled them all, but the label for this one has disappeared, so I don't know which one it, Helen!
This is the stunning 'Robyn Gordon' grevillea. Small now, but it eventually grows into a large shrub which flowers nearly all year round, attracting birds.
This is the flower of the Golden Wattle - Australia's national floral emblem. When we were choosing plants last year, I insisted on having at least one of these trees, and this one is doing well - from a 6" high baby, it is now about 9' and still growing.

The Doves who have been nesting under the eaves outside our bedroom hatched their eggs only a few weeks ago, and these two baby birds are almost as big as their parents now!


Blogger Merle said...

Hi Gina ~~ I enjoyed seeing your photos and the flowers are lovely. The purple creeper is called
Hardenbergia Sp? I have it on the back fence as a creeper and it is up to the top of the fence. Thanks for your comments. I will try to grow a red salvia for you, but don't hold your breath!! Take care, Love, Merle

Monday, 03 September, 2007  
Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Gina, You must have ESP, I just opened your blog when your comment come through. I love your Grevillias and Wattle, Pleased you liked my photo's I have a Cannon power shot700,6 zoom I just zoomed in, the sky was so clear here and the moon looked like it was over my backyard.and when I put on computer I just kept cropping all the black sky out (Not resizing) till i was happy with pic.I find when I crop it brings the subject closer.In this case it did.

Tuesday, 04 September, 2007  
Blogger miss*R said...

you know, I must be the only Australian who is allergic to the grevillea Robyn Gordon.. I break out in an awful welt if I brush past them.
We went past the Thirlmere Train Museum the other day on our ride, we are hoping to go back and take a tour.. sounds like something Ken would love ? ? ?

Thursday, 06 September, 2007  

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