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Monday, October 15, 2007

Possum Watching

Many years ago, Ken installed a 'possum box' as high as he could reach up on one of our eucalyptus trees in the front yard. From time to time, we have seen birds fly in and out of it, ringtail possums sleeping in it, and even brushtailed possums, who are almost three times the size of the ringtail possums. Today I spotted a brushtail curled up inside the box, and as they sleep all day, I waited until late this afternoon before checking the box again. Luckily the windows of our front bedrooms are at eye level with the possum box, so I had a good view. I opened the closest window as wide as possible and parked myself at it with my camera. Here is what I saw over the next four hours. I said to Ken later, now I know how those professional wildlife photographers must feel - staked out in one spot for hours, waiting for something to appear, and hoping it would be before daylight has gone! If you click on these photos, they will be brought up closer/larger, so even though they look dark, you can still see the possum.

Little sleepy head, one paw hanging out.

Just waking up and having a little stretch. Looking out to see what the weather's like.

Getting darker now. Almost time to come out, but I wish she would stop staring at me, and go away!

Still there! I'm staying put until she goes.

Ah well, time to go.

I'm outta here - there's food to be eaten and friends to socialise with!


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