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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another week closer to Christmas...

I didn't win a prize for my Indian Chief cross stitch at the Whittlesea Show last weekend, but we had a good time looking at everything. You can see my photos here if you are interested in craft, cake decorating, steam engines, baby animals, etc.

Today was one of the biggest days on Australia's social and cultural calendar - Melbourne Cup Day. I drove over to collect MIL to bring her back here for the day so we could watch the Cup on our big t.v. screen, as we have done for many years. We usually stop on the way to put our small bets on a few of the races as well as the Cup, but to my dismay, I found that the Eltham TAB had closed! Grrr....with an hour to go before the Cup, I Googled TAB venues and found the nearest one to be in Greensborough, five minutes drive away. I left MIL with Ken to do some Mother-Son bonding, and drove to G'borough. The TAB had a queue of about 50 people, but it was moving pretty quickly, so I joined it, and had our Cup bets on in plenty of time to get home and relax for half an hour before the race.

MIL prides herself on having a bit of second sight or whatever you want to call it, and she is usually pretty good predicting which horses will win. She backed two, I backed another two, and as well as having three in his office sweep, Ken backed three in a trifecta, which were recommended by one of his mates who 'knows about horses'. All in all, we had 8 horses in the Cup, and would you believe, not ONE of them came anywhere near winning! (I think some are still running, lol).

Ah well, it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. MIL (nearly 96) managed to climb the steps in our back yard to the aviaries so she could see the chickens, and like most people who see them, she was enchanted with them, and sat for about 10 minutes to watch them running around with their mother hens. She likes to see what I'm doing on my computer, so she sat here while I showed her various sets of photos I've taken in the past few months, with Ken vying for her attention, wanting to show her what he has on his laptop. After half an hour, she'd had enough of both of us, I think! But she said as tired as she was, she enjoyed her day immensely. Beats staying at home on your own, doesn't it.


Blogger Alice said...

It would be nice to win on a horse but having particular ones to cheer on is most of the fun anyway. How sweet of you to include your MIL but then you are one of the most thoughtful and kind people I know.

Friday, 07 November, 2008  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Aww, thank you Alice! My halo is glowing...!

Friday, 07 November, 2008  

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