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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Retail therapy of the opshop kind.

I spent 3 hours with MIL at the hospital this morning. Fortunately it is only 15 minutes drive from home. I took in her newspaper, some lollies, and a few other bits and pieces that she needed, and got to know the nurses on duty at that time. They were flat out like the proverbial lizard this morning, and hadn't given MIL a wash when I got there at 10.30 am, so I took her into the bathroom and helped her wash herself all over. One of the nurses came looking for MIL and was astonished to find us in there! She was embarrassed at first, thinking I was cross that they hadn't got around to washing MIL, but I said no, it's not that at all. I explained that I'm MIL's live-in carer, and she is used to me, so I thought it would be more comfortable for her to have me looking after her today. The nurse was grateful, but said "don't feel you have to do it again - this is respite time for you!"

MIL is a fussy eater, like many older people, and she always turns her nose up at hospital food (which I always think looks delicious when I'm visiting someone in hospital! Probably because I didn't have to cook it...) So when MIL was served a large plate of fish and vegies for lunch, I knew what her reaction would be. She poked at it for a while then pushed it away and just had a cup of tea. I asked the nurse if they would mind if I brought in lunch for MIL from now on, as I would be visiting every day, and the nurse said "Feel free! She has no dietary restrictions, and if she prefers your cooking to ours, that's fine. What does she like for lunch anyway?" I said "An English muffin with cheese and gherkin relish". The nurse said "Well, she wouldn't be getting that here!"

On the way home, I passed a large opshop that I hadn't visited for some months, so I drove in and spent a lovely hour browsing the whole shop, and buying a few silly things that made me feel good! Click on this link if you want to see what I lashed out on.


Blogger Isabelle said...

Oh Gina, that doesn't sound tremendously like you having a rest! You are such a good soul.

Tuesday, 31 March, 2009  
Blogger Jeanette said...

Gday Gina, Sorry to Read MIL had a falland ended up with her arm in plaster...
I agree with Isabella it doesn't sound like your getting any rest, If you dont take time for a rest who is going to look after Ken and MIL. Please take a little time for yourself and get some rest.. Love Jenxxxxxx

Thursday, 02 April, 2009  

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