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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More little critters for my friend Patty.

OK, not just Patty - anyone else who is interested! Tonight was busy at the Wilson's. We had possums playing chasey through the trees in our front yard, and when they'd finished tearing around, they came to the front porch for a feed of apple.

This little bloke is a Ringtail Possum - smaller than the Brushtail, with a thin tail which they can wind around a branch to keep them from falling! He was half way up his tree - about 5 metres at a guess - and this is as close as I could get with the zoom on my camera.

Brushtail in the bird feeder box. He has a bit of seed on his nose after eating apple which had been among the seed husks.

This little guy is a young Brushtail. He was up on the rafters waiting for the Big Boys to finish before he ventured down for the leftovers!

One of the Brushtails in a tree. Even with the camera flash, they are well camouflaged in the branches at night.


Blogger Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina,

I've been catching up on your blogs
and enjoying your photos of the
birds and the possums. I love
seeing the birds that you have
coming to your yard for food since
they are so incredibly different
from the birds that we get here.

I've seen the Kookaburras that are
at the Toronto Zoo but it's ever
so much cooler to see your
pictures of them and see you feed-
ing them by hand. They are such
strange but handsome birds, and
to me it looks like they're
smiling. And of course there's
their wonderful sound.

We've got possums here now, but
they're not native to Canada.
They are migrating up from the
States because of the urbanization
of their habitat. But they suffer
here in the Winter time because
they don't hibernate, and they
don't have fur on their ears or
paws or tails so they suffer from
frostbite in those areas. They
have nasty dispositions too.

We've got three kinds of squirrels
eating our bird seed, suet cakes
and peanuts. Black, grey and
red. Greys are biggest, the
blacks are a bit smaller, and
the red squirrels are half the
size of the black squirrels. We
also have chipmunks but they
usually disappear during winter.

The cats are having a ball looking
out the back door at all the
activity as migrating birds appear
to eat at our feeders and the
local birds are everywhere, either
eating, preening or pitching woo.
The cats don't go outside so the
birds are safe enough.

I'm going to be ordering the
other Kate Morton book next time
I get a shipment from the on line
bookstore. She's fabulous!

Your Mother in Law is so lucky
to be able to live with you and
your DH. And even luckier that
you have the experience and
training (as well as the love and
patience) to be able to care for
her and understand what she's
going through.

Take care. Judy

Wednesday, 18 March, 2009  
Blogger Finding My Way said...

Hi Gina,
The pictures are AWESOME!!!
Thanks so much for sharing. Just made my day. :)

Thursday, 19 March, 2009  

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