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I am married to Ken. We have no children except a cat and a collection of Australian parrots, finches, canaries and a dozen hens.

Friday, April 03, 2009

We had a storm in Melbourne today!

Boy, did we have a storm. I was at work until 11.30, did a bit of shopping, and was home by 1 pm, just as the rain and thunder started here. I didn't have any plans for the afternoon, so it was a good opportunity to just lie about and read (and snooze between chapters). Ken bought a rain gauge last week, so when it finally stopped raining I went outside to check the gauge.

Now I'm no expert on these things, but it indicated that we'd had 36 mm of rain. According to the weather bureau tonight, Melbourne had 18 mm of rain today. I Googled 'rain gauges' to see if I could find out if I was reading it properly, and discovered that the weather bureau relies on regular readings from volunteers all over the place, to come up with their statistics. Makes sense when you think about it - they can't be everywhere, so doing it that way gives them an across the board reading. Apparently the Bureau supply their own gauges, and the volunteers take a reading every morning and provide it to the Bureau. As soon as Ken got home from work, he went out to check it too. (I should have emptied it before he got home, and told him it didn't rain in Eltham, LOL). He said it was definitely 36mm.

Well, whatever we got, it nearly filled our rainwater tank!

As soon as the rain stopped, the birds descended on our yard to find food. The Galahs came first.

Followed by half a dozen Corellas.

By then it was late afternoon, and my el cheapo camera doesn't function well without sunlight or a flash, so this pic looks as if it was taken at night, but it was actually about 5 pm.

Two Kookaburras were waiting patiently on the clothesline outside the back door, so I took some snaps of Ken feeding them. The rest of the tribe arrived soon after, but by then my camera battery had gone flat!


Blogger Sherri said...

Hi Gina! Thanks for posting on my blog about the zebra finches. I did find your pictures of the baby finches. They're adorable. Mine are doing better this time around. It appears they have 2 nestlings from the 5 eggs and seem to be doing fine. I've been trying different foods with them in addition to their seed mix. What they like the best so far is hard boiled egg and dandelion greens.

BYW, I just loooooove the kookaburras. I've never seen one before, but always wanted to hear them laugh.

Monday, 06 April, 2009  
Blogger Finding My Way said...

Hey Gina. The pictures are awesome. :) Thanks for posting.

Wednesday, 08 April, 2009  

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