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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NOT another new hobby!

No, just a brief diversion from stitching and patchwork. This is an interesting painting technique that my friend Val introduced me to this week. She showed me something she'd done, following the instructions in this book:

I have heaps of these labels at home, so today I got some out to play with.

I wasn't sure what colours I'd be using, so I decided to use this piece of red paper for the backing.

My painted image is based on the Card Tricks patchwork I've just completed. That design intrigues me!

After the paint had dried, I used some felt pens and biros to decorate the panels.

Then I peeled the labels off the backing sheet, and re-stuck them on to the red paper, but slightly apart, as shown in Val's book.

I took the finished product over to show Val, and she wasn't happy with the red background, so she gave me a piece of black card to use instead. This photo is not very good; the real thing looks much nicer. Val has made her first effort into a card to give someone. She painted a simple scene on her labels, and it looks great as a triptych. Next time I do one, I'll use three labels instead of four.


Blogger SharonH said...

Now that looks cool... My imagination went straight to 'what if' and I thought thia could be translated into fabric - lol lota of imagination - no time at all to do it...

Friday, 25 September, 2009  
Blogger Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina,

I've been visiting your blogs
and catching up on your news
and your crafting and your
thrift store shopping. You
are a very busy lady!

I'm so sorry to hear that your
hubby has been having such
nasty health issues lately and
hope that all will be well in
the long run. His doctor sure
sounds like the sort that you
want to have around at times
like this.

Your birding blog is especially
fascinating for me. The types
of birds that you get at your
feeders blows me away! My
favorite has to be the
Kookaburras, with their smiling
beaks and fluffy feathers. So
cute. I'm envious that you can
get so close to these happy

I love seeing all your different
crafting projects, and this
painted project is really cool.
I love the fabric postcards too
and can see the appeal of making
these as you can really let your
imagination go wild. And you get
to use all kinds of beautiful
fabrics, threads, charms and

Your quilting classes are
covering a lot of different
styles and techniques and it
must be fascinating to see how
the different effects are
achieved. We have a gorgeous
quilting store called The
Hobby Horse near here. Fabrics
to die for, and all the
accessories, patterns and
what-have-you that you could
possibly desire for this hobby.

Your possums are cuter then ours.
Just saying.

I'm curious about the dingo that
you were talking about getting.
I thought that Dingos were wild.
I didn't realize that you could
tame them for pets. Do you keep
them out of doors at all times
or are they tame enough to be in
a house??? They sure are cute.

Have you seen LHN new pattern
called The Library?? It would
look fabulous alongside of
The Bookshelf. So I guess I'll
have to get it and add it to
the pile of "things I really
must stitch someday...soon"

I loved seeing the pictures of
the flowers growing in your
garden this Spring. The
various types of Grevillea are
quite exotic and very striking
looking. We're just a few days
into Fall here, which is my
most favorite time of the year.

Oh dear. This is getting a bit
long. Better sign off for now.
Bed time soon.


Friday, 25 September, 2009  

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