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Monday, January 03, 2011

New addition to the family.

We welcomed a new Little Person into our home today. Remember the basket full of kitties in my Xmas Day post, from Ken's niece's house? Well, niece Michelle called us last night to ask if we still wanted one, as the person she had given this kitten to had changed their mind. Ken said yes please, so Michelle arrived today with Kitten in carry cage, squealing and struggling to be let out after an hour long journey in the car.

He only took a few minutes to make himself at home, and when Topsy came in and discovered the new arrival, she turned tail and fled, only to find we'd closed all the doors and she couldn't get away. They faced each other, Topsy's eyes like saucers, and the kitten's back arched, but apart from a minor hiss, they didn't attack each other. Within an hour, they had calmed down, and were curled up asleep, one at each end of the windows in the lounge room.

Some friends came over to inspect Kitty and we discussed names, finally agreeing on "Tiger", as his markings are just like a Siberian Tiger, grey and white stripes. Tiger has had several meals, discovered where the litter tray is and used it, and has been cuddled and stroked almost non stop since he got here. Looks like Ken finally has the cat he wanted - a LOVING cat. Topsy isn't going anywhere - she'll get used to him, and I guess she'll be 'my' cat now!

Topsy giving Kitty the evil eye!

"Are you addressing me??"

"Is this my new bed?"

Just a handful.

Watch where you put those claws, Tiger!

All tuckered out.


Blogger Anne S said...

Aw, Tiger's just gorgeous! Hopefully Topsy will keep up the ignorance is bliss act :P

Monday, 03 January, 2011  
Blogger Michelle said...

So glad he has settled in nicely. And a great name too :)
Very cute photos. He couldn't have gone to a more lovin home. Xxx

Tuesday, 04 January, 2011  

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