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Sunday, February 13, 2011

New computer with mixed feelings.

This may be my last blog post done on this computer. Today, Ken was looking for something at our local Dick Smith shop, so while I waited for him, I looked at the new computers on display. I have never wanted a laptop or notebook computer, because being a typist from the Old School, my fingers are more comfortable with a proper keyboard, not those flat things. Last time I looked at desktop computers, they were in the $1000 plus range, and consisted of keyboard, screen and box processor. But today I found a new (to me) concept - 'all in one desktop PC'. Just the screen and keyboard. I asked the salesman about them and he agreed with my description "desktop version of a laptop". The ones I looked at were all under $800, and after discussing the pros and cons of each one on display, I decided on the one I would like to buy. The salesman printed off an information sheet about it, and wrote his name and the sale price down in case he wasn't there when I returned, and someone else argued about the price.

After discussing it with Ken, and asking some of our computer-savy friends their advice, we have decided to go to Dick Smith's again tomorrow and buy this particular PC. I don't know if Ken and I will be able to set it up to the point of me being able to use it tomorrow night, as there will be a number of programs to re-install, and we are not familiar with those processes. So it might have to wait until Monday when I can get a tech.person out to do it all for me.

I've been fighting this change for a few years now, putting up with my dear old PC refusing to download more and more websites, blogs, etc. simply because today's technology is just too much for it to handle. I'll miss it, along with the ME operating system which has served me well in the last 10 years, but I guess once I have the new one up and running with Windows 7, I won't know myself. In the meantime, if you visit this blog and I'm not around, don't assume it means bad news. More likely to be new computer hiccups!


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