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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quiz about me

I haven't done one of these quiz things for ages, but when I saw this one on Fee's blog, it seemed like a harmless bit of fun. If you want to have a go, why not copy and save it, do your own answers, post it to your blog, and leave a comment here so I can go and read it!

a. age : 63

b. bed size : Queen

c. chore that you hate : vaccuming….hurts my back.

d. dogs. Not now. Just two cats.

e. eating - in or out. Prefer to cook my own meals.

f. favorite color : all shades of aqua, teal and turquoise.

g. gold or silver : Gold

h. height : 5 Foot 2 Inches

i. instruments you play . Used to play the piano.

j. job title : wife, friend, lover.

k. kids : What kids? None!

l. live : The world's most livable city.

m. mother’s name : Joyce

n. nicknames : Kitty (hubby's nickname for me)

o. overnight hospital stays : eye operation, ovarian cyst removal.

p. pet peeves : drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

q. quote from a movie : Come up and see me some time (Mae West)

r. right or left handed : Right

s. siblings : two brothers, eight and ten years older.

t. time you wake up : depends what day it is!

u. underwear : Basics from Target!

v. vegetable you hate : eggplant.

w. what makes you run late : last minute need to go to the loo.

x. x-rays you’ve had : neck, spine, hands, feet, ovaries.

y. yummy food that you make : buttermilk pancakes

z. zoo animal : The big cats.


Blogger Isabelle said...

Very interesting little insight into you. I love your drawing of an owl.

Wednesday, 02 November, 2011  
Blogger cell said...

you dont like eggplant? they're the best! haha. well i was onl visiting in melb, still based in tassie.

Wednesday, 09 November, 2011  

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