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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A busy week coming up.

The coming week promises to be exciting and fun!   On Monday we are driving the Ute up to Taradale to visit some friends that also have a new car, so the guys can drool over each other's cars and the lady of the house and I can sit and gossip over tea and cake.

Tuesday is my 66th birthday and we are going out for dinner in the evening with our friends L and M, who will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on the same night.  A few friends have promised to drop in during the day to wish me a happy day, so I'll be doing some cooking on Monday night to have with all those cups of tea and coffee!

On Wednesday we will be going to see our new kitchen set up at the builder's factory.  If we approve of everything he has done, it will all be installed the week after Easter - whoopee!!  I still can't believe this is happening - from the original plan of simply replacing an aging cook top, to a whole new kitchen!

On Thursday another friend is taking me out to lunch (and we might be joined by Ken and another friend) - in Eltham's newest cafe.  I've had a coffee in there twice so far and am looking forward to having a meal as their menu is not the usual lunch offered in most eateries.

Friday of course is Good Friday, which Ken and I observe by having a quiet day at home.  Saturday will be busy for Ken as he prepares his bike for the Classic motorcycle meeting the next day, while I'll be busy both days packing up everything in the kitchen ready for it to be torn down later in the week!


Blogger Crookedpaw said...

Happy birthday for Tuesday!!

Wednesday, 16 April, 2014  
Blogger Sue said...

My goodness my Ken also has a motorbike! Not a classic though an adventure bike whatever that means. Do you ride on the back Gina? I don't as yet but perhaps one day! Enjoy your Easter and birthday celebrations . I have a couple of weeks until mine wondering how to celebrate .

Wednesday, 16 April, 2014  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Thanks Pete! Happy birthday to you on Thursday :-)
Sue, sadly I don't ride on the back of Ken's bikes any more. I used to love being the pillion passenger until I developed arthritis in my lower back, and one day on a long ride, it nearly killed me coming home. I was in so much pain Ken had to keep stopping which drove him mad of course. But after that, no more rides.. :-(

Thursday, 17 April, 2014  

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