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Saturday, April 19, 2014

New kitchen in the making!

This morning we drove over to the factory to see how our new kitchen is progressing.  Cliff had the cupboards and appliances set up in a rough configuration to give us an idea of what it would look like, and we were able to change a few small things, such as an extra drawer and different shelves.
In this picture of our kitchen as it is now, there is a shelf attached to the brick wall on the left  hand side with no cupboards underneath or above - just wasted space.  There are cupboards further along, extending above the fridge, and one cupboard below the shelf next to the fridge.  The wall oven and pantry are further along but can't be seen here because of the fridge.
LOL!  I just noticed a little grey kitty in this photo - Tiger's eyes are shining blue in the flash as he has just come through the laundry door!

Below are the cupboards that will replace those  The two boxy things sitting on top of the shelves are actually the cupboards (lying on their side) that will go on the wall above.  Below there is a small cupboard (which will have shelves) on the left, and the other spaces will all be drawers - shallow ones at the top, and deeper 'pot' drawers below.  The tall section at the end will be the appliance cupboard with shelves above that.   The space next to that will be where the fridge goes, then there is the oven (with my new oven sitting in there - rubbing hands in gleeful anticipation of improved cooking conditions!).  Next to that is the pantry.

The picture below is taken from the opposite end of the above photo of our present kitchen.  The sink and cupboards on the left hand side will be replaced by new cupboards and drawers in the pictures below.

There are two corners which are difficult to access at the moment, so I've having lazy susans in both corners.  The divider inserts in the drawers are ones that I bought this week, and Cliff is going to fit them into the drawers so they don't slide around.

Below, the new stainless steel sink is still in its wrapping above the cupboards housing the dishwasher which you can see, and next to that on the right are two small lift out bins, one for kitchen rubbish and the other for recycling stuff such as tins, glass and small paper items.  They could have been bigger, but I decided to keep them small because if anything is going to smell "off", it won't be there as long as it would if the bin was larger!
At the left of this picture you can just see a cupboard with some drawers.  The new stove top is sitting on top of that still in its box too, and those drawers underneath will hold cooking utenstils that are presently in a jug and hanging from hooks on the wall.  Be glad to have all those out of sight!  The bottom drawer will hold saucepans and pots.

Ken asked me yesterday if I was getting excited about the new kitchen and I replied that I still wasn't sure if we should be doing all this. But after seeing what it will be like, everything so much lighter in colour, and so many mod cons, I am definitely excited now! It won't be installed until next month, as the cupboard doors and drawer fronts have to be made in the selected colour, and the benchtops have to be ordered in the colour we want too. I'm not in any hurry - everything in our kitchen is working okay now, so I'm not inconvenienced in any way by delays.


Blogger Sharon said...

Looks great G - you won't know yourself... Hope you guys are having a good Easter x x

Sunday, 20 April, 2014  
Blogger Liz said...

Oh my - now I'm excited for you! Won't it be lovely to have everything new and bright. Your builder is brilliant to do all the work at the shop so you can still function while you wait. Don't forget to show pictures of it all installed.

Sunday, 20 April, 2014  

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