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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Melbourne Cat Cafe.

I was in the city with Ken today. He goes to a barber in Hardware Street every six weeks, and in recent months I've been driving him in and dropping him off there. Instead of him having to find somewhere to park then possibly have to walk a long way back to the barber, which he is unable to do now because of his breathing problems, I would rather find somewhere to park, and walk back to wait for him, then go and get the car to pick him up. Anyway, that's the background to me being in town today!

 For some reason, I remembered the Cat Cafe the other day, and decided that instead of hanging around waiting for Ken, I'd drop him off then go and find the Cat Cafe, which opened last year. I'd been meaning to go there ever since, but in the end just forgot about it until now. It isn't that far from Hardware Street, so I got a park on Queen street and walked up to it within about 2 minutes. Stayed there for half an hour and walked back to pick up Ken who had just finished having his hair cut. It wasn't quite what I expected, thinking there would be an actual cafe on the premises like in other countries, but I do remember reading that the Melbourne city council arked up about food being served among the cats, and so possibly the owners lost that battle. All the cats are on the first floor in various rooms, and if you want a coffee, a member of the staff brings it up to you from the ground floor. I didn't bother about coffee, as I was going to have a coffee with Ken later, so it only cost me $5 for half an hour. The usual fee is $10 just to spend an hour there!! Thought that was a bit rich, but apparently it is booked out for months ahead. I forgot you were supposed to book, and when I walked in off the street, the guy wasn't going to let me in, but when I said I'd only want a quick look because my car was on a meter, he relented and let me go up for half price. I asked why people needed to book, and he said they only allow a certain number of people up at one time so as not to stress the cats. There were only about 6 or 8 people up there when I went up, and about 10 cats. I bought a heap of kitty souvenirs. Ken said "What did you buy all that for?" and I said because it was cute LOL! Here are some photos:


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Gina - this is amazing. :) -Patty

Friday, 06 February, 2015  

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