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I am married to Ken. We have no children except a cat and a collection of Australian parrots, finches, canaries and a dozen hens.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Here are my answers:

Five things I want to do before I die

1 Finish my UFO's (well, some of them)

2 Take a joy flight in a Tiger Moth aeroplane

3 See the rest of Australia (W.A. and N.T.)

4 Open a museum dedicated to textiles, so I can permanently display my linen collection to the public.

5 Drive a steam train! (under the guidance of the driver, that is!)

Five Things I can Do

1 Sew

2 Cook

3 Talk

4 Listen

5 Ride a motorcycle

Five Things I Can't Do

1 Bunjy jumping

2 Ski

3 Parachute jumping

4 Knit

5 Drive a truck or bus

Five things that attract me to men

1 T D & H

2 Sense of humour

3 Love of animals and nature

4 Compassion

5 Romantic

Five celebrity crushes

1 Elvis Presley

2 Sean Connery

3 Jeff Kennett (former Vic. politician)

4 John F. Kennedy

5 Prince Charles

(I am strongly attracted to men in power; don't know what that says about me!)

Five Things I Say All The Time

I find this one impossible to answer. Most people are not aware of what they say habitually; it is better answered by someone who knows you and your speech patterns well).


Blogger Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
Given my recent events. This has made me really think. I haven't posted any answers yet. But just wanted to say it was interesting.
I hope you're feeling better and I'm keeping you and Ken in my thoughts.

Tuesday, 11 October, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Thanks Patty! Consider yourself 'tagged' by me with this quiz - I look forward to reading your responses!

Tuesday, 11 October, 2005  
Blogger Sunny said...

Ooo I am going to do one also so you can see my answers!

Friday, 14 October, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I'm looking forward to yours too, Sunny!

Friday, 14 October, 2005  
Blogger Suse said...

Ok, I just have to ask the obvious. What is T D & H?

I'm thinking up all sorts of obscene combinations here ...

Friday, 21 October, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I have answered Suse's question on her blog, but for the sake of anyone else who might be wondering, TD & H is simply Tall Dark and Handsome!

Saturday, 29 October, 2005  

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