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Thursday, October 06, 2005

I should have known better!

In fact I should really scrub yesterday's post - what a whinger I am. Fancy putting all my insignificant problems on here for all to see, when I should have remembered my ability to bounce back after a 'downer'. Thank you so much Ms Robyn and Dawn, for your Warm and Fuzzies (for those who don't understand - that means warm and caring comments). The problems haven't gone away of course, but I have put things into perspective now, as I always do, and am grateful to just be me with the many blessings in my life, in comparison to so many people, such as Laurie at Rose Cottage, whose family have lost just about everything after Hurricane Katrina. And she is only one - there are so many more.

My doctor was sympathetic to my outpourings this morning, and agreed that five years is far too long to go without a break of some kind. But she said that a weekend away now and then would probably do the trick for me, as if I stayed away from Ken any longer I would start to feel guilty, thereby defeating the purpose of my time away! She is right. So after we know for sure what is happening with Ken next week, I will rethink my ideas for a break, and go from there.

Today was a rather nice day; that is probably part of the reason I am feeling fairly optimistic again. After the doctor this morning, I trotted around Eltham doing all my grocery shopping for the week, then came home to find Ken up and about, planning some more time in the garden. As the forecast rain hadn't arrived, I did a load of washing and hung that out, and then we had some lunch. After lunch, I set off to visit my Japanese 'Do Care' friend. I always take a few items to show her - today it was some of my current stitching, some of my vintage aprons, and a kimono that I bought in Japan when I was there about 30 years ago. It is not a heavily embroidered traditional kimono - more of a light house coat style, and I wear it a lot in summer. Atsuko happily inspected everything, which we discussed in slow detail while we struggled with each other's language! We do have fun communicating, each with a Japan/English dictionary, but we get there eventually. She always provides some afternoon tea, and today it was Sushi, which she knows I love. She always makes extra portions for me to take home to share with Ken. Such a sweet lady.


Blogger Peggy said...

So glad you are having a better day today. Always in my thoughts and prayers as is your hubby. hugs

Friday, 07 October, 2005  
Blogger Sharon said...

I don't think it hurts to voice how we are feeling... Whether we believe it or not we aren't non feeling super human beings... Yes there are others worse off than ourselves but don't let that de value what you are feeling... You have had a lot to cope with of late and it is no wonder you are feeling a little jaded round the edges... Sure, there is no point in wallowing in the 'glooms' for days - but a little 'I feel like this right now' is good for the soul... It is far better to acknowledge how you feel rather than ignoring it... Think about what you would say to me G and the apply liberal lashings of it to yourself!!!!! I am only a phone call away!!!!! Lots of love and hugs and edith purrs to you...

Friday, 07 October, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Awwww, thank you Peggy and Sharon - it is so heartening to read these comments. I do appreciate purrs from Edith - Ken and I are both sporting scratches on our hands from our nasty little black Topsy. Gee she's got a temper! Never knew a cat like her.

Friday, 07 October, 2005  

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