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Sunday, May 07, 2006

One week later...

This past week was a good one - some lovely linen arriving in the mail, and having a quick lunch with Sharon and her daughter on Thursday, all contributed to the week in general. Yesterday (Saturday) I managed to get all the washing done as well as the housework, and then cooked dinner for friends (roast beef followed by apple sponge pudding),after which we all took off to see "The World's Fastest Indian". The first I heard of this film was last year, on somebody's blog - and I am darned if I can remember who it was! But she gave the movie a good review, and it stuck in my mind, so that when I discovered it was showing at a local cinema, I booked seats on the Internet immediately. As it turned out, I needn't have done that, because the film has been out for a while, and the theatre was only half full, but I like to be sure and not miss out. We all agreed it was one of the best movies we had seen for years - no violence or sex scenes, just a beaut story, with humour and wisdom thrown in at frequent intervals.

Getting back to Thursday, if you have been reading Sharon's blog, you will know that she has recently started full time work at a bookshop, and apart from the usual learning processes which can be a steep learning curve as they say these days - she is loving the job. I love perusing any bookstores, and so I had a good look around while we waited for Sharon. Lo and behold, I found a book on Australian Native plants, that I had been after for ages! I hadn't found it in the two bookshops in Eltham, nor Greensborough, the nearest large shopping centre, but there it was waiting for me at Sharon's shop - thank you again for looking after me!


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