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Monday, August 21, 2006

Defining happiness.

Most of the time, I view journalists with suspicion and disfavour, as so many of them are blatantly biased in their reporting, politically and otherwise. But there are a few who are specialists in their fields, and write common sense articles without prejudice. One of my favourite writers is a lady by the name of Ruth Ostrow, who writes a column for one of our major newspapers. I often cut her articles from the papers and keep them to re-read, as they provide a lot of food for thought.

One such article was about the search for happiness. I know of so many people (on and off the Net) who are forever soul-searching, trying to 'find' themselves, look for peace in their lives. I find this rather sad, and I have difficulty relating to that kind of inner torment, as I am by nature rather optimistic, and look for the positive side of things rather than the negative. In contrast to me, my Better Half is very much a pessimist, and I've spent most of our married life trying to change him, or retreating from him before he got me into the same sorry state! I've since learned not to try and change ANYONE, let alone one's husband, even if I think he would be better off being like me! Instead, I continue to just be me, and hope the happier side rubs off on him, which it has done somewhat over the years.

In the unlikely event of Ms Ostrow reading my blog, I hope she would be pleased rather than cross with me for quoting a few lines from her article on happiness:

"If you stop insisting on having your needs met in one neat package, you will work out that Existence is indeed indulging you with everything you need. This philosophy applies to anything we crave. Many people can't see the love and sensuality around them because they're fixated with it being in one special person, which breeds disappointment. Our jobs may not be totally fulfilling, but there are hobbies that stimulate and excite. The city we live in has its drawbacks, but holidays elsewhere may redress the balance in a way that living in that 'better city' may not.

As my Dad used to say "Every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes you just have to look a bit harder to find it".


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