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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Health and hot weather.

On a more serious note, Ken's Mum had another heart attack last week and is in hospital at the moment. She has had more stents put in her arteries, and we visited her today. She looked very tired, but cheered up after a few minutes, and was delighted to see my progress on the cross stitch project I am working on for the Embroiderer's Guild. We are glad she is in hospital at the moment, because while our weather is so hot and unpleasant, we know she is comfortable and being looked after. Like most people, she hates being there and is longing to get back home, but probably won't be able to for another week. We offered to have her stay with us for a week or so when she is discharged, but no, she wants to go home, and I can understand that. The social worker will be discussing her case with Ken's sister and perhaps organising more home help for her, which would be good. Working in that field myself, I know what help is available from local council, and she will be a lot better off at home with extra help.

Patty, believe me, I would love to swap some of your cold snow for this heat we are experiencing. Today it reached 37 deg.C (a bit over 100 deg.F) in Melbourne, and tomorrow has the same forecast. The good news is that our air-con. man came last Tuesday and regassed our old air conditioner. With this weather, it will probably only last a few weeks, but he is coming again next week to install a new one. Another large dent in the bank account, but with Ken's health, it is a must. At the moment, with all the smoke in the atmosphere, he has to be aware that like anyone else with lung disease, he may find breathing difficult when he is outdoors for any length of time. He was not well on Thursday, so he stayed home. I called his boss and told him Ken was entitled to his annual leave now and I wanted him to have next week off. His boss is used to me telling him what I want for Ken, and he is very good about it, so he okayed the week's vacation. When Ken woke up I told him he had next week off work, and he said "I'm glad it was you that asked - I wouldn't have dared ask for time off so close to Christmas!"


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