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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Further developments...

LeeAnn and Patty - thank you for your comments. I was chuckling for ages after reading them! Well the good news is that our new cabinet is FINISHED and looks great. On Monday night about 8 pm, one of our neighbours came over to see if Ken needed any help (I'd told his wife earlier about the fiasco). When B. came in, Ken glared at me while smiling at B. (ever noticed how men can do that?). They consulted the diagrams and bits on the floor, but B. left after 20 minutes as he'd never had to assemble anything from IKEA, so wasn't able to help Ken.

I underestimated my dear husband. After chastising me for telling other people that he was hopeless (I didn't say that at all), he set to with a vengeance and it was all assembled by 11 pm. We both slept well last night! Tonight we emptied the old cabinet and put all the CDs, DVDs and videos in the new one, just temporarily, until we can move it into its permanent position. We just wanted to see if they all fit. They do - what a relief! I think Ken is just as pleased as me about it, but I won't say "I told you so" - let sleeping dogs lie, is my motto!

Ken's niece and sister have both expressed interest in taking the old cabinet off our hands, that's why we wanted to empty it tonight. They will come over tomorrow and have a look. If they decide not to take it, we will dump it on the nature strip outside our house and you can bet it will be gone within 24 hours! People are funny - you see it all the time around here. Nobody waits for council hard waste collections any more; they just put their unwanted furniture outside their homes, and other people grab it!!


Blogger Isabelle said...

Nature strip - now that's a phrase I've never heard. Is that what we'd call a grass verge, I wonder?

Re your comment on my blog - Edinburgh Castle has soldiers living in part of it. Other parts house military and other museums. The Honours of Scotland are there -the crown, sceptre and sword of state used at the coronations of Scottish kings and queens. Also there's a 13th (14th?)century chapel, St Margaret's Chapel - built by (for?) Queen Margaret, the wife of Malcolm Canmore.

There you are; now you know! Actually, living in Edinburgh, one doesn't actually go there very much - you know how it is with tourist attractions in one's own city. But I've been a few times with visitors. And it's in the centre of town, so very visible.

Thursday, 11 January, 2007  
Blogger Scribe with Gold said...

Hi Gina,
Try number 2. Blogger is not being nice and letting me post. Grump.
I'm glad things worked out.
LOL Ken sounds a like my hubby at times. ;) I've got a small list of things that couples shouldn't do together.
Our neighbor helped us build our fence. My hubby was almost like yours with the smile and glare.
Hope your week continues to improve. Today is very, very cold and windy. We are supposed to have snow on Sunday. Take care. Patty

Friday, 12 January, 2007  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Isabelle - Nature strip means the strip of grass between the footpath and the road. Not all roads here have nature strips though. Thanks for explaining about Edinburgh Castle - that is very interesting!
Patty - men are all the same on a dark night in some ways - lol!

Friday, 12 January, 2007  

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