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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A happy start to 2007.

The end of 2006 and the start of 2007 was a very pleasant weekend. The weather was not too hot, and we even had the odd shower of rain to wash the dust off the grass and trees! LeeAnn and Rob came to visit us on Saturday, and as always in their company, we had a lot of fun and laughs. They brought a new Andre Rieu DVD to show us, so we watched some of that before dinner, and afterwards, settled back to watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on Ken's home theatre. With our big TV, it is almost as good as being there, and the volume was loud enough to make it even more real for the neighbours as well as us!

When the Tattoo was over, we watched some more DVDs, including some of the latest Pixar animated movie "Cars", which is absolutely priceless and had us all nearly rolling on the floor laughing. We were expecting another couple to join us, but they opted out at the last minute, but it didn't matter in the end, as the four of us were just as happy to eat, drink and be merry!

The following day, we invited some friends over for lunch to help us finish the leftovers from Saturday night (smoked salmon, avocado etc. does not keep well, and Ken and I wouldn't have been able to eat everything on our own!). We watched "Cars" again with M. and L., as well as some of the Tattoo which M. had thoughtfully taped for us, after Ken discovered that his taping the previous night hadn't worked! :-[

In the evening, we crossed the road to spend NY Eve with our neighbours and about 30 of their friends. The weather remained very pleasant all evening, so everyone stayed outside, eating, drinking and chatting as people do on New Year's Eve. Our host didn't have a portable radio, so I nipped back home and got my tranny. We turned it on about 11.45 pm and everyone joined the 10 second countdown to midnight, followed by champagne, hugs and kisses all round! All in all, a very satisfactory start to 2007. Hope all my blog friends had a good time too!


Blogger Scribe with Gold said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I enjoyed Cars, too! Glad the weather was agreeable. It's been overall pretty good here. 40's which is not the norm for Dec. but I'm greatfully taking it as long as I can.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, 04 January, 2007  
Blogger Isabelle said...

Fancy you watching the Tattoo! All the best for 2007 - it sounds as if it started very well.

Friday, 05 January, 2007  
Blogger Lee-ann said...

And it was a wonderful time for Rob and I too at your lovely lome we always feel very much at peace when we are with you both.

Sunday did you see tattoo on ABC we just put the tv on and it was the last 5min. I think they said 2005 tattoo.

May your year 2007 be filled with lots of laughs and happiness dear friend. Lee-ann

Monday, 08 January, 2007  

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