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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Busy time of the year.

We have a double whammy in December - Ken's birthday is one week before Christmas. So the past week has been busy but fun. Last Friday, we were invited to a neighbour's home for 'Christmas Drinks'. These friends do this nearly every year, and we have come to know their other friends fairly well, so this was a pleasant evening. On Saturday, we drove up to Kyneton (Victorian country town) and spent the evening with LeeAnn and her hubby Rob at a Christmas dinner put on by an organisation they are closely affiliated with. We had a wonderful time; the entertainment was excellent, as was the food, and the company of LeeAnn and Rob was the icing on the cake! Thanks again, guys!

On Sunday, Ken and I took his sister and her hubby to dinner at our favourite Chinese Restaurant in Eltham - "Noble House". Ken and I dine there at least once a year for special occasions, as the service and food is great, and the restaurant has a wonderful ambience. High ceilings, carpeted floors and the tables not too close to each other provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in which to enjoy the meal.
We took L. and D. there to thank D. for helping Ken out when he has got stuck somewhere with his motorcycle.

On Monday, Ken's 64th birthday, we both worked all day, and after we got home there were several phone calls for Ken, including one from LeeAnn and Rob. I picked up the phone to hear two voices enthusiastically singing "Happy Birthday" and realised who it was immediately! We went across to visit his Mum after dinner. She was very pleased to see us as usual, and as she hugged Ken, she reminisced "You were about five hours old, this time 64 years ago". She will be 94 in February and although she is now very frail after her recent heart attacks, she is still mentally as bright as the proverbial button!

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent at home quietly, as will Thursday at this stage. Friday our friends L. and M. will call around after tea and we'll swap gifts and probably watch a movie. We have nothing planned for the weekend lead-up to Christmas Day, and that's probably a good thing! Like most males, Ken will have last minute shopping to do, so I won't complicate things by making arrangements to go out or have visitors! On a more serious side, the less Ken goes outside the better, at the moment. Melbourne (in fact a large part of Victoria) is suffocating under a blanket of smoke from the terrible bushfires which are destroying so much of our state. Anyone with heart and lung problems are being warned to stay indoors as much as possible.


Blogger Lee-ann said...

And who said Christmas time wasn't fun!!!!

Rob and I have just stopped "well rob had to go to work this morning for an hour or two" but "let the holidays begin!!!!! hip! hip! hurray!!!

We Also had a lovely time the other night and when we went to a supper dance last night they were all still talking about the food. and "the choir" lol lol lol lol

Gina and Ken happy christmas dear friends and we look forward to seeing you again soon, why chinese sounds like a lovely quiet night we may come over and go there with you both real soon.

I am off shopping today but no dinners, no putting together a dinner or anything like that, thank goodness.

Friday, 22 December, 2006  

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